May 2016 Newsletter for Accounting & Finance Professionals in Houston


May 2016

Industry News and Updates:

Boom or Bust? Neither! The first question I seem to get when I speak to both hiring managers and candidates is: “How is the market doing?” My answer is: It’s not 2014 where every company in Houston seemed to be hiring, but it is also not the 80’s bust either (I personally have only heard stories about this time). Houston has come such a long way and has diversified from being just an oil town since then. We are so much more! Don’t get me wrong there are industries in Houston that are truly hurting, but there are also industries that are doing just fine. The price of oil does impact our economy directly and indirectly, but I am so excited to report that it seems to be ticking up every week. Today the price is around $45 a barrel. Most economist will tell you that we need to get to $60 dollars a barrel and a lot of them have predicted we will hit that number by the end of the year.

It is harder to find a job today and you have to use multiple resources. You cannot simply go online, upload your resume to CareerBuilder and wait for the phone to ring. First, you have to make sure that you have a good resume (there are some links listed below with resume writing tips) and then you have to use great recruiters, your network, LinkedIn, networking functions, ads, niche job boards and yes CareerBuilder. One source is not enough in the present job market. The great news is that our unemployment rate is still below 5%; which technically speaking, means that we are at full employment. As you know, I always like to see the bright side of things!

See you again in July 2016

Local Statistics:

  • National Unemployment Rate: 5.1 (last year 5.6)
  • Houston Unemployment Rate:  4.9 (last year 4.3)
  • Oil Rig Count: 437 (last year 976)  
  • Price of Oil: 45.9 (last year around 55)
  • Industries hiring: Consumer Products / Service related companies, Chemical, Real Estate, Non Profit, Legal, Public Accounting Firms!!!! 
  • Positions in demand: Staff &  Senior Accountants, Tax, Audit, Management level roles in Accounting

Interesting Articles:

Local Searches:

Galleria area:

  • Financial Reporting & Consolidations Senior – must have public – Galleria
  • GL Accountant – 59 & Main
  • Associate Manager / Manager – Professional Services Firm – Consulting on high profile projects – full time role – need at least 2.5 year of public accounting and maybe a splash of industry to qualify
  • Senior Compliance / IT Auditor
  • Senior Federal & State Tax Accountant
  • Payroll Manager with PeopleSoft
  • Senior Internal Auditor – low travel
  • Reduced work week hours: Tax Manager or Supervisor – small public accounting firm
  • Senior Accountant, Great Plains preferred 

North Houston:

  • Senior Accountant – NW Houston
  • Senior Insurance Accountant – NW Houston
  • Staff Auditor – Woodlands
  • Senior Staff Accountant – Woodlands
  • Senior Auditor – Woodlands
  • Junior Property Accountant – Greenspoint
  • Accounting Manager – Real Estate – Woodlands


  • Senior Auditor, Downtown, 40% travel
  • Staff Accountant (big 4) – 2 openings
  • Audit Manager – Non Profit – 10M dollar Budget
  • Tax Staff Accountant – Galleria
  • Senior IT Auditor – Galleria
  • Tax Supervisor – CPA Firm – are you a senior ready for the next step?
  • International Controller
  • Director of FP&A (must have MBA)
  • Treasury Analyst, DT, Must have Big 4 Audit
  • Billing Specialist with Elite

West Houston/Energy Corridor:

  • Accounting Director (public accounting background)
  • Payroll Coordinator – Rosenberg
  • Audit Senior – 70% travel – West

Consulting & Temporary Roles:

  • Accounting Assistant – Hospitality
  • 4 Fixed Asset Accountant – West
  • Interim Controller with Dynamics – West
  • Contracts Analyst – Sugar Land
  • Receptionist, Southeast
  • HR / Recruiter – Non Profit
  • Receptionist – Non Profit

San Antonio Openings:

  • Bank Auditor-Top San Antonio Employer (Up to 122k)
  • Staff Bank Auditor- Top San Antonio Employer(up to75k)
  • Audit- Sox with Exotic Travel (Insurance Industry, up to 75k)
  • Tax Analyst- Federal & State Tax, (Renewable Energy, ~70s)
  • Controller- Implement new policies & procedures (Automotive Industry, 120-150k)


December 2015 Newsletter for Accounting Professionals from Diane Delgado LeMaire @ CFS

December 2015

Industry News and Updates:

Let me just jump right in and address the question that is going through everyone’s mind: What is going on in the Houston job market? I get this one daily and I must admit it is not an easy question to answer. I would like to share some data that I learned about at a recent forum (Bauer College of Business – Institute for Regional Forecasting) I attended and then share my thoughts at the end. The title of the Forum was: Houston’s Job Growth Stumbles As Oil Markets Swoon: Where Now? That doesn’t really set the tone for a positive outlook, does it? Here are some of the highlights:

  1. It’s all about oil! Price is down by 50%. Eventually this trickles down and impacts all sectors; even retail! BUT construction, education, healthcare, and home building are still doing well.
  2. In 2015, we virtually had 0% employment growth in Houston.
  3. This is NOT 1982! But we do have a supply / demand issue and that is what is pushing the price of oil down.
  4. The greatest oil boom is over for now.
  5. The professional and business services sector have not been impacted yet.
  6. One operating rig actually creates 227 jobs (direct and indirect)!!!!!!!
  7. Houston is undergoing a mild recession. Best case scenario we come out in mid-2016, but it looks like 2017 is more likely. Worst case scenario this drags out until 2018.

That is what I learned and here is MY opinion… I think there are many sectors in Houston that will be hiring. Our office is seeing demand in a lot of different industries and at a variety of levels. Is this the summer of 2014? No, and it will not be for a while. The Houston economy goes through business cycles just like everyone else. While most of the US was still in the midst of the Great Recession, Houston was booming. Well, it’s not a BUST for Houston for now, but we will be hurting a little bit in the near future. Companies are going to try and get by with less overhead. They are going to consolidate positions and they are going to have to lay off, unfortunately.  The good news for you is that you are an accountant! There is always a need for accountants!!!!! Also,  Houston is still at a 4.8% unemployment rate (September 4.4, October 4.6). We are still at full employment and there are plenty of people nearing retirement age. The jobs are still out there, however, they are not as easy to find and you may have to be a little bit more flexible with what you are looking for. So, my verdict? I am cautiously optimistic about 2016, but I am really looking forward to 2017!!!!!!

See you again in February 2016!

Local Statistics:

  • National / Houston Unemployment rate: 4.8/4.8
  • Price of Oil:$38ish (last year $75)
  • Oil Rig Count:760 (last year 1925)
  • Industries hiring: Manufacturing, Construction, Consumer Products related companies, Real Estate, Public Accounting Firms!!!!
  • Positions in demand: Tax, Auditors, Financial Analysts, Staff and Senior Accountants

Interesting Articles:

Local Searches:

  • Manager of Statutory Reporting – International
  • Public Accounting: Tax and Audit – All levels!
  • Accounting Supervisor – NW Houston – Lead ready to take on form supervisor title!
  • AR Specialist – 50 to 55K West – non degreed role!
  • Accounting Analyst – Conroe
  • FP&A Manager – SE Houston – MBA A MUST
  • Division Assistant Controller – West – Must have 2 to 4 year of Public Accounting!
  • Accounting Supervisor – NW Houston
  • Inventory and Operations Accounting Director – West
  • Senior Financial Analyst – Salt Lake City, UTAH – right hand person to VP/GM
  • Tax Accountant – West
  • International Tax Accountant – North
  • Financial Analyst – CPA who wants to do finance!
  • Bilingual Auditor!!!!!
  • Senior Auditor for Public Accounting
  • Tax Supervisor – CPA Firm – are you a senior ready for the next step?
  • Financial Analyst – Modeling experience – Senior Role
  • Division Assistant Controller – 3 years of public accounting
  • Senior Accountant – 3 years GL experience – Galleria
  • Division Controller – regional role…work with several locations and report to CFO of Americas…heavy operations focused
  • Sales & Use Tax Analyst
  • Associate Manager / Manager – Professional Services Firm – Consulting on high profile projects – full time role – need at least 2.5 year of public accounting and maybe a splash of industry to qualify! This is for those who want to build a resume that will get them to the next level quickly!
  • ONRR Manager – want to work for one of Houston’s best?
  • Sales & Use Tax Accountant – huge global company!
  • Credit & Collections Manager – Spanish!!!!!
  • Audit Senior – low travel
  • Senior IT Auditor – 2 openings!!!!!
  • Financial Analyst – SALT LAKE CITY – who wants to move to UTAH?

San Antonio Searches:

  • University Controller


Diane Delgado LeMaire

Senior Managing Director, Executive Search & Branch Manager

713.490.6003 |


Happy Friday!!!! Update on Accounting / Finance Openings December 4th

  • Accounting Analyst – Conroe
  • FP&A Manager – SE Houston – MBA A MUST
  • Division Assistant Controller – West – Must have 2 to 4 year of Public Accounting!
  • Accounting Supervisor – NW Houston 
  • Inventory and Operations Accounting Director – West
  • Senior Financial Analyst – Salt Lake City, UTAH – right hand person to VP/GM
  • Tax Accountant – West
  • Financial Analyst – CPA who wants to do fiance!
  • Bilingual Auditor!!!!!
  • Senior Auditor for Public Accounting
  • Tax Supervisor – CPA Firm – are you a senior ready for the next step?
  • Financial Analyst – Modeling experience – Senior Role
  • Division Controller – regional role…work with several locations and report to CFO of Americas…heavy operations focused
  • Sales & Use Tax Analyst
  • Associate Manager / Manager – Professional Services Firm – Consulting on high profile projects – full time role – need at least 2.5 year of public accounting and maybe a splash of industry to qualify! This is for those who want to build a resume that will get them to the next level quickly!
  • ONRR Manager – want to work for one of Houston’s best?
  • Sales & Use Tax Accountant – huge global company!
  • Credit & Collections Manager – Spanish!!!!!
  • Audit Senior – low travel
  • Senior IT Auditor – 2 openings!!!!!




Internal Auditor – NW Houston – less than 25% travel –


• Perform all aspects of a full audit examination with limited managerial guidance. Essential elements of an Audit will include audit planning, walkthroughs, audit program development, risk and control identification, status reporting, decision-making, and time/budget management
• Plan, organize, and perform various audits.
• Develop accurate, meaningful and complete audit work papers and draft reports that adequately support audit findings and document work performed.
• Develop issue based reports based on audit points, summarize findings and recommendations.
• Prepare draft audit report to departmental and client management for review and discussion.
• Suggest recommendations on ways to improve audit work processes.

• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, will consider other degrees based on level of Senior Auditor experience.
• CPA, CFA or CIA (or progress towards completion) preferred

• Minimum of two years of relevant and progressive Internal Audit
• Working knowledge of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, internal auditing standards, and GAAP
• Experience in leading projects and proven ability to drive results

Accounting / Financial Analyst – NW Houston –

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

• Produce and distribute departmental financial statements to Departments and Senior Management.
• Review financial statements, research variances, and initiate correcting journal entries.
• Perform monthly accruals and expense allocations.
• Perform detail analysis and periodic audits of expense reports.
• Respond to inquiries from Branch management arising from monthly financial statement review.
• Reconcile gross profit reports to general ledger.
• Prepares financial and statistical reports as required. Assumes other special activities and responsibilities as directed.
• Attend monthly financial meetings.
• Assist with annual audit.

Education and/or Experience
Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Finance required, plus 3-5 years relevant experience. CPA and public accounting preferred.

Accounting Manager – Sugar Land –

Key Success criteria:
Individual Job Responsibilities– four to six key areas
1. Team leader and builder for local accounting related issues
2. Coordinate a thorough G/L review and monthly closing process
3. Perform variance analysis and comments for management’s discussion and analysis
4. Maintain consistency with respect to accounting procedures and files
5. Ensure procedures are in place for timely and accurate reporting.
6. Assist with Journal Entries and account reconciliations where necessary
7. Perform accounting review and month-end metrics.
Expected Outcomes– list for each responsibility
1. Timely and accurate monthly financial reporting
2. Accounting processes executed within established and document policies and procedures
Experience Required
1. Strong Skill with Microsoft Excel.
2. Experience should include at least three years accounting experience in manufacturing environment.
Qualifications – Competencies
1. Position requires professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
2. The ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight time frames and simultaneously manage several projects.
3. Microsoft Excel proficiency- Expert.
Job Complexity –
Difficulty is dependent upon experience with Excel with ability to handle, manage, and mitigate manual close and consolidation process and change implementation. This Position will be controller’s right hand.

Top 30 Interview Bloopers – Add to this List! By Dana Manciagli

A quick and great list to review. Most of these should be self explanatory…but unfortunately they are not!

Good news, bad news. Bad news: The majority of job seekers are blowing it in their job interviews. So the bar is pretty low.
Now the good news: You can stand out in interviews by being prepared. Well-rehearsed, smart about your answers and balanced between confidence and humility.
So instead of lecturing you more about the “crap” that happens in interviews (both with external company interviews or within your company), I’ll just point out the multiple bloopers.

See other LinkedIn blogs and my website blogs for the interview solutions.

In my 30+ years hiring, interviewing and helping thousands of job seekers, the following 30, in no particular order, are the most popular mistakes.

1. Not listening to the question.
2. Babbling on and on and on and on
3. Not having interesting questions.
4. No passion, low energy.
5. Cocky, not self-aware or not humble.
6. Negative about your prior company, prior boss, or prior anything.
7. Not being prepared with good ‘ole strengths and weaknesses.
8. Forgot to go for the close, or ask to continue to the next step of the hiring process.
9. Slow with turnaround on a request from the interviewer (like sending information).
10. Smelling. Onions, cigarette smoke, perfume, cologne.
11. Chewing gum.
12. Phone on and vibrating or ringing
13. Dressed inappropriately, sloppy.
14. Nothing to write with (and I don’t mean on a PC or phone).
15. Having something to write with, but not writing anything down.
16. Spilling a cup of coffee or soda.
17. Leaving your dirty cup of coffee or soda on their desk upon departure.
18. Sticky or wimpy handshake.
19. No eye contact.
20. Slouching.
21. Interrupting.
22. Forgetting your resume, not having enough copies.
23. Not knowing the job description of the position you are interviewing for.
24. Not doing research on the web about the company, division, hiring manager, etc.
25. Scuffed shoes.
26. Listening to music or talking on your phone in the waiting room.
27. Asking about salary or benefits.
28. Left your manners at home.
29. Messy with your stuff: messy papers, coat, bags, purses all disheveled, no hand free to shake hands.
30. Being late!

More bad news: there are more than these 30! Help our LinkedIn blog readers and contribute more mistakes that you see as an interviewer.
(To accelerate your next career move or hire a dynamic speaker, visit

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Area Director, Executive Search & Branch Manager | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-490-6003 || My LinkedIn | My Blog |

Senior Auditor – 50% travel – NW location –

90K plus 30% bonus plus 30% stock options

Job Description
The successful candidate will work on internal audit activities encompassing 200+ locations at a global dynamic company.
The position will be responsible for carrying out audit procedures, in accordance with professional standards, to evaluate control deficiencies and to recommend appropriate corrective actions.
The individual should be capable of identifying process improvement opportunities for management’s consideration, be able to perform at the highest level and with a risk based approach and willing to share best practices within the organization.
Other areas of involvement may include special management-directed projects, including fraud investigations, forensic audits and IT and Sarbanes-Oxley initiatives depending on experience, business need and career objectives. This position can be a springboard to other financial management roles in the company.
Relocation assistance could be considered for the right candidate.

BS in Accounting, Business or Computer Science
Excellent analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
Ability to quickly obtain knowledge of Company policies and procedures is desirable
Collaborative team member with strong interpersonal skills to lead audit engagements
Willingness to constructively challenge practices and processes
Proficiency in time management, organization and planning skills
Ability to work alone or in a team setting
Must possess good work habits and strong work ethic
Ability to handle multiple projects at one time
Advanced degree (e.g., MBA)
Professional certification (e.g., CPA, CIA, CISA, CFE, CMA, etc.), or progress toward certification
Ability to travel 50 to 60% primarily domestic with occasional international assignments

Senior International / Consolidations Accountant – Westchase and Downtown Houston –

Looking for Senior Accountants with International Accounting and Consolidations experience.

Managing financial accounting and reporting activities for the Company’s holding companies
Perform reconciliations between Statutory books and US GAAP books on a quarterly basis
Ensure statutory report and taxes are submitted timely
Provide support to International Business Units on matters of accounting and tax policy and practice, internal controls, as well as the implementation of financial accounting systems
Provides support and assists with the coordination of the financial accounting and reporting activities for operations across our International business units
Assist in resolution of any accounting and internal control issues related to International accounting operations
Improve timeliness and accuracy of financial closing and reporting for International companies
Review financial activity and transactions associated with International joint ventures to ensure compliance with Company policies and procedures
Work with the treasury, legal and accounting functions on reorganizations, acquisitions, divestitures, and tax planning implementation and documentation, as needed
Participate in process improvement projects that result in greater efficiency
Minimum Requirements
A minimum of 5-8 years of experience in a financial-management role at the corporate level of a mid to large sized publicly held company
Solid understanding of GAAP and IFRS standards
In depth understanding of both US and international accounting and tax principles
Knowledge and experience with foreign currencies
Experience in the Oil & Gas or Energy industry desirable
Experience working in a decentralized organization
Public Accounting experience and international accounting experience highly preferred
Facilitate and coordinate multiple deadlines and respond quickly to management requests
Must be able to travel 10% internationally
Education Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or similar field is required. MBA is preferred
CPA Certification is Required

Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis – EMAIL:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities • Analyze current and past trends in key performance indicators including all areas of revenue, cost of sales, expenses and capital expenditures to facilitate and support timely and definable planning and decision making.

• Coordinate with the different business units the preparation of the forecast and long term projections
• Monitor performance indicators, highlight trends and analyze causal factors behind variances and trends.
• Work on a team to manage the continued development of Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, Operating Plan and Modeling tools.
• Improve performance by evaluating processes to drive efficiencies and understand ROI in marketing programs, menu pricing, new store rollouts as well as new projects
• Develop financial models and analyses to support strategic initiatives
• Analyze complex financial information and reports to provide accurate and timely financial recommendations to management for decision making purposes
• Supervision of Financial Analyst(s)
Job Requirements
• Strong leadership skills required
• Highest standards of accuracy and precision; highly organized.
• Articulate with excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to think creatively, highly-driven and self-motivated
Experience and Educational requirements • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance; MBA a plus
• 5-7 years of experience in Financial Planning and Analysis

Senior Inventory Accountant – Northwest Houston – Oil & Gas – EMAIL:

Our client is growing by acquisition and organic growth. They are adding an Inventory Accountant to their team. This company offers an opportunity to be involved in a lot of areas of accounting and special projects. There are many cross training and process improvement opportunities.


Job Summary:

Primarily responsible for inventory analysis and related duties.  May include cross training on fixed assets and special projects as needed.

Essential Job Functions and Responsiblities:

  • Monthly and Quarterly balance sheet reconciliations
  • Quarterly Excess and Obsolescence analysis and reserve entry
  • Analysis of inventory accounts
  • All financial reporting, audit and tax requirements related to inventory
  • Allocation entries within manufacturing
  • Understand field inventory processes enough to train new employees
  • Physical inventory counts
  • Monthly inventory reporting
  • Cross train on fixed asset duties and responsibilities
  • Special projects as needed

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting required

Experience Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 3-5+ years of experience (minimum two years inventory accounting experience)
  • Energy, Oil & Gas, or related industry experience a plus
  • CPA a plus.

Skill Requirements:

  • Self-driven, with strong initiative to undertake responsibilities and actions. Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities, and promotes self-development.
  • JDE experience preferable, but not mandatory.
  • Hyperion experience preferable.

Financial Accountant / Oil & Gas – Looking for Staff Auditors or Tax Accountants (1 to 2 years of expereince) –


  • Equity investments and preparation of related account reconciliations
  • Capital lease receivable accounting and reconciliations
  • Acquisition valuation, accounting and integration assistance
  • Technical issues research and other ad hoc research
  • Preparation of various federal and state regulatory filings
  • Special projects as needed
  • Process improvement evaluation and implementation
  • Various other analysis and reporting for management
  • Support for financial reporting, tax and internal/external auditors


  • Experience handling multiple projects and balancing multiple priorities
  • Ability to assist with strategy development and execution of financial accounting projects
  • Well-developed analytical skills and experience
  • Ability to understand and convey complex information in order to develop a solution or approach
  • Effective in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, adapting to and managing change in a positive and proactive manner


  • Accounting degree
  • CPA preferred
  • 1 – 2 years of accounting experience, prefer public accounting experience
  • Technical issues research experience a plus
  • Proficient with MS Office products including advanced Excel skills

Assistant Controller – The Woodlands – Email:

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Supervises both exempt and non-exempt level staff.
  • Consolidate company financials.
  • Direct and coordinate the accounting and other financial operations of assigned areas.  Includes providing administrative and technical supervision to staff personnel.
  • Perform and implement policies and procedures relating to financial and business practices of the company which will provide for efficient operations as well as a strong internal control environment.
  • Recommend policies and procedures where needed to improve the efficiency or to strengthen internal controls.
  • Monitor the financial operations of the company and assigned areas to insure compliance with budgets.
  • Ability to analyze the company’s subsidiary WIP schedules in accordance with percentage of completion method of accounting so as to identify potential problem areas that could result in misstatements of revenue, gross profit, “billings in excess” liability and “earnings in excess” asset.
  • Work to ensure a strong management link between corporate accounting and management and employees in other areas of the business.
  • Perform additional duties as directed by the Controller.
  • Participate in planning the objectives, methods and resources of short and long-range financial operations of the company.
  • Provide technical and management training and development to the finance team.
  • Participate in analysis and due diligence reviews on acquisitions.
  • Review and evaluate internal controls required under SOX with internal audit.
  • Review materials for board meetings.

Required Skills

  • Strong project management skills and ability to prioritize and manage multiple initiatives simultaneously.
  • Knowledge of SEC, GAAP.
  • Knowledge of construction Work-In-Progress schedule analysis.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Interpersonal/human relations skills.
  • Planning/organizational skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.
  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships, communicate effectively at all level of the organization, and lead through influence – with the purpose of driving change and delivering outcomes.
  • Winning attitude that motivates people.

6 Reasons YOU should APPLY for this Accounting Manager position in Stafford NOW!

1-Who doesn’t want to work close to home?!?! Saving on gas $$ adds more money to your bank account!
2-TONS OF GROWTH POTENTIAL IN THIS MANUFACTURING COMPANY! This Accounting Manager role is open due to promotion…
3-Publicly traded oil field service (manufacturing) company that is growing by acquisition! (this leads back to reason #2) **Added PLUS.. get the SOX experience you desire and need for your resume**
4-NO oil and gas experience needed! Really?? Just some cost / manufacturing experience will get your foot into this company!
5- Have an MBA but no CPA.. that’s ok! Stop letting that advanced degree and your hard work go to waste!
6-Business casual fun work environment! Manufacturing atmosphere.. means you don’t have to wear a suit all day..
Here is what I want to see in your resume… (so let’s make sure it’s in there)…
Manufacturing experience – some sort of cost (average or standard)
Bachelor degree in Accounting or Finance
Generating financials
2+ years of supervising staff

APPLY NOW! Email your resume as an MS Word attachment to Don’t wait another day!

September list of Accounting & Finance Job Openings – Houston –

List of job accounting & finance job openings Houston: Continue reading

Treasury Staff Accountant – West Houston –

The Treasury Staff Accountant will work closely with the Treasury senior accountant and report to the Controller. The Treasury Staff Accountant will perform day to day treasury functions such as:
• Initiate ACH/Wires for payments to clients, vendors, financial institutions, and consumer refunds
• Circulate daily cash reports
• Transfer funds between bank accounts
• Prepare Cash Receipts summary on a daily basis
• Entry of treasury related journal entries
• Perform interest calculation
• Processing petty cash related checks and entries
• Process vendor checks
• Maintain Wire Profile sheet

Key Position Requirements : The qualified Treasury Staff Accountant should possess treasury related experience and should have a hands-on knowledge of Treasury Optimizer and experience with interacting with bankers. Candidate should be a team player. Experience in similar role for 1-2 years.

Entry Level Accountant and Staff Accountant needed for Westchase company!



Our client is a leading service organization in the financial industry; they are looking to hire a Staff Accountant. With a large and growing accounting and finance team, there is significant opportunity for growth and advancement within the Accounting department. The company boasts a team-oriented culture and provides its accounting employees with the tools and training necessary to perform.


The Staff Accountant will compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to general ledger accounts.

Record and reconcile A/R and follow up on client discrpancies

Assists with preparting balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports to summarize current and projected company financial position.

Reconciles all bank accountants and posts all wire transfers

Special Projects

Staff Accountant Job Requirements


Staff Accountant



General Accounting

Attention to detail

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Corporate accounting / General ledger experience

Solid computer skills

keywords: staff accountant, accounting, accountant, general ledger accountant, senior accountant

Oil & Gas Services – Senior Accountant – NW Houston Location – EMAIL:

Our client is a publicly traded oil & gas services company with over 3000 employees worldwide. They are growing through acquisition and organic growth. At this time they need to add a Division Senior Accountant to their team.

• Work directly with the Accounting Manager in completing essential accounting/finance functions of the company.

Month-end financial reporting
Assist in month-end closing procedures including:
o General Journal entries on multiple general ledgers
o General Ledger account reconciliations
o Intercompany invoices
o Fixed Asset management including additions, disposals, and depreciation
o Bank reconciliations
o Account roll-forwards and sub-ledger reconciliations
o Assistance in other aspects of closing of the books and records in accordance with US GAAP
o Maintain compliance of internal SOX controls

• Assist in maintaining accounting controls
• Assist with intercompany invoicing

Minimum Qualifications
• Required Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
• Advanced skills required in MS Excel and Word.
• Good interpersonal and leadership skills to gather information from and work with multiple levels the organization.

Bilingual Senior Accountant – Sugar Land, Texas –

• US Federal (1120S), Texas Business and Texas Sales tax compliance.
• Domestic, international, and consolidated compliance as well as managerial based financial reporting and analysis
• Design, implementation, and management of various corporate initiatives including system enhancements, process automation, and internal controls
• Development and deployment of various managerial and departmental reports
• Year-end reporting, planning, and valuation processes
• Third party compliance reporting and domestic and international independent audits
• Completion of general periodic departmental requirements
• Perform related duties as required


BBA-Accounting degree required
GPA of 3.0 or higher required
Microsoft office skills (Excel, Word, Outlook) required
Public accounting experience preferred