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Operations / Accounting / IT Analyst – Houston – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

The Operations Analyst will support field operations and perform duties associated with operational accounting, primarily related to the payroll/billing/ticketing system and purchase order tracking.  The Operations Analyst will also perform professional level human resources work.


  • Verify and maintain weekly billing/payroll/ticketing system in Excel as it transitions into TMW
  • Verify and maintain weekly payroll/time entry spreadsheet and email HR for weekly payroll
  • Process purchase orders for equipment orders, which includes ensuring proper approval
  • Maintain our preventative maintenance program, PMExpert
  • Prepare invoices and distribute for approvals to customers
  • Become a super-user of new billing/payroll/ticketing system that is currently being implemented (TMW) – assist in implementation, as needed
  • Update/add new drivers, leases and contracts into TMW as needed
  • Manage the employee on-boarding process, including preparing new hire paperwork, scheduling drug screens, completing background checks, sending notifications, etc.
  • Assist with the development; implementation and testing of processes and controls to ensure continued SOX compliance


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, or an equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • Experience administering an integrated billing/payroll/ticketing system
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office programs

Accounting Manager Or Senior Accountant – College Station, Texas

$70,000.00 – $85,000.00
Senior Financial Accountant

If you enjoy personal development, teamwork, work life balance, and plenty of time off….(YES, it all can exist within an Accounting Position) look no further! This is an opportunity of a lifetime to join a stable and growing organization with a fantastic mission that YOU can be a part of!

The culture of this organization is like none other. They truly care about their employees and have a “family first” mentality. They go above and beyond to ensure their people are well taken care of. Their core values include: Integrity, Trustworthiness, Honesty, Confidentiality, Acceptance, Joyfulness, Loyalty & Service.  This organization truly lives and works according to their values.

If you are a TOP Performer and wish to be with an organization that rewards your performance, look no further! This organization works not only with their clients to bring out the best in each and every individual to optimize organizational performance, but also with internal employees! As a top performer, I am sure you are interested in professional and personal development. With my client company, you will be coached and mentored to becoming the best employee, friend, family member, and individual you can be!

Overview of the Senior Financial Accountant or Accounting Manager:

My client Looking for a highly motivated, critical thinker that is organized and efficient to join their team as a Senior Financial Accountant.  They will prepare internal financial statements, perform management duties and actively contribute to the financial, operations and strategic plans.  They will work under the guidance of and assist the Controller and Chief Financial Officer in preparing financial statements conforming to GAAP and in financial analysis and management reporting.  The job will also require time management and planning/leadership skills.

Responsibilities/Duties for the Senior Financial Accountant or Accounting Manager:

  • Obtain and maintain a thorough understanding of the companies financial reporting and general ledger structure
  • Manage the day to day operations of the accounting department and maintain the accuracy and integrity of the data
  • Account Reconciliations and analysis
  • Ensure an accurate and timely monthly, quarterly, and year end close
  • Assist the Controller in the daily cash management requirements
  • Advise staff regarding the handling of non-routine reporting transactions
  • Review the monthly financial statements for multiple companies with variance analysis
  • Prepare the monthly financial package
  • Ability to independently manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet pre-communicated timelines



Education and Experience Required for the Senior Financial Accountant or Accounting Manager:

The Senior Financial Accountant will have a Bachelor’s degree in business or accounting with a minimum of 3 years of public accounting experience in audit or 5 years experience in industry preparing financial statements with responsibility for monthly close process and financial review.



  • Supervisory experience
  • Experience making journal entries and a complete knowledge of GAAP
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, Quickbooks and reporting skill/accounting packages is desirable
  • Deadline-oriented
  • Time Management
  • Attention to detail a must



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Greater Houston Partnership – Employment UPDATE


The Houston metro area added 14,500 jobs in September, according to data released today by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). While the reported job growth is a bit above historic patterns, it’s not unreasonably higher. Over the past 25 years, September job gains have ranged from 5,000 to 18,000, with an average of 10,000. The average of the last five years is 13,100.

The bulk of the growth (18,800 jobs) occurred in local education, a subsector of local government. Over the past 10 years, local education has added an average of 16,500 jobs in the month. Given Houston’s recent population growth and the current stage of the business cycle—public education always lags every other sector by a year or two—September’s robust job growth is not surprising.

Houston benefited from the 1,600 jobs added in health care in September. That sector continues to generate employment opportunities. As long as people continue to move here, have babies here, and grow old here, that sector will continue to add jobs.

Construction also added 1,600 jobs in September, but growth in the sector will likely taper off in the coming months as the office, multi-family and chemical plant construction booms wind down.

The loss of only 300 jobs in manufacturing, a sector that cut 2,000 – 3,000 jobs a month in ’15 and early ’16, suggests the worst may be over for manufacturing.

Job losses in wholesale, retail trade, finance, insurance, real estate, and other services partially offset gains in the other sectors. Retail always loses jobs in September before adding them back in October, November and December. The weakness in wholesale is symptomatic of the weakness in the energy sector and energy-related manufacturing. The drop in finance employment is part of on-going restructuring as the industry tries to remain profitable in a lowinterest environment.

The losses in accommodations and food services are no surprise. Like retail, the sector always loses jobs in September before adding them back over the remainder of the year. A common misconception is that TWC’s employment data reflect full-time/40-hour-a-week jobs. In reality, the data only reflect individuals on payroll, whether they work 20, 40 or 60 hours in a week. The employment loss in accommodations and food services may reflect the departure of part-time help, primarily high school and college students, who leave the payroll when they return to school in the fall.

Employment growth in accommodations and food services has been strong over the past 12 months, greatly exceeding the long-term trend for the sector. TWC may have overestimated this growth and the data may be revised downward when the agency issues its benchmark revisions in March 2017. Likewise, TWC reports that mining and logging added 200 jobs in September. This is a bit of a conundrum since the two subsectors that comprise 98.5 percent of employment in the mining and logging—exploration and production and oil field services—lost a combined 1,000 jobs in the month.

September’s energy employment numbers will likely be sorted out with the March benchmark revisions as well. Houston’s unemployment rate dropped from 5.8 in August to 5.7 percent in September. The Texas rate dropped from 5.0 to 4.9 percent. The U.S. rate decreased from 5.0 to 4.8 percent. The rates are not seasonally adjusted.

Greater Houston Partnership: Building Permit Update


City of Houston building permits totaled $440.6 million in September ’16, down 26.4 percent from $598.4 million in September ’15, according to the latest data released by the City’s Department of Public Works & Engineering Planning & Development Services.

Year-to-date, city building permits totaled $5.3 billion, down 12.8 percent from $6.1 billion over the same period in ’15.

For the 12 months ending September ’16, city building permits totaled $7.4 billion, down 5.3 percent from $7.9 billion in the 12 months ending September ’15.

Permits were down over-the-year across both residential and commercial sectors in September. The value of non-residential building permits fell 25.1 percent, from $435.5 million in September ’15 to $326.3 million in September ’16. Residential building permits declined 29.8 percent, from $163.0 million in September ’15 to $114.4 million in September ’16.

Within the residential sector, permits for single-family homes decreased 15.4 percent to $80.7 million in September ’16, while multi-family permits dropped 70.1 percent to $13.2 million.

5 keys to composing an impactful resume Article originally published on US News & World Report


Try this exercise with a friend or loved one:

Give the other person your resume, but limit their reading time to six seconds and instruct them to show you how much they were able to assimilate in that limited time.

Why six seconds? Because that’s the amount of eyeball time your resume typically receives when it’s being first reviewed by human resources staffers or hiring authorities. If you can’t convey something that grabs their attention, chances are strong they won’t hesitate to hit the “delete” button and end your chances of being considered, no matter how well-qualified you might be.

This fact should influence the decisions you make about the overall look and feel of your resume. How you organize your information, what you choose to include, your choice of words and graphic elements all should contribute to a clear and coherent message that can be grasped in six seconds. Even a simple line across the page can facilitate a reader’s understanding or detract from it, depending on how it is used.

Here are some things you should strive for when creating your resume.


Make certain that even at a distance, your page looks inviting to read and that it is easy to follow the various sections, such as Skills, Professional Experience, Education, etc. Using color to highlight the section titles can make a difference in this regard.

Is there enough white space on the page to avoid looking like a solid blob of ink?

Have pity on people with poor eyesight by not going any lower than 10-point type. Use standard, easy-to-read fonts like Calibri or Optima, or others with similar weighting.

Audience accessibility

It is likely that within your target company, a variety of types of people with diverse backgrounds and roles will be reading your resume. For example, HR, financial and technical professionals all may weigh in on a resume’s value. It is important that the document speak to each of them in ways that they can appreciate and value.

Especially if you are in a field with its own particular vocabulary that is unknown to non-specialists, make sure you do your best to explain things in a way that can be commonly understood. When you list obscure tools or techniques that you are accustomed to using, take pains to also convey what results or accomplishments you attained by using them.

Present your personal brand

It might be that your resume surfaces because it came up in a sourcer’s search as possessing the right keywords. Congratulations! But now, as they begin to read it, a succinct and well-crafted branding statement at the top can truly set your document apart from others using the same keywords. In the top few lines, just under your name and contact information, it is essential that you give a “helicopter view” of yourself, conveying your essential qualities, areas of expertise and specific content that only you can offer the employer. Keep it to no more than four or five lines, tops!

Get rid of ambiguities

A resume recently reviewed by your author had this line: “Devised solutions that produced the desired results.” Lines like this convey no real information and leave questions about the candidate’s ability to communicate clearly.

When asked, “What were the problems requiring solutions? What kind of solutions did you develop? What were the desired results and how were they achieved?” the response was: “I’ll get into that when I have an interview.”

Sadly, ambiguous statements like these are counterproductive to getting the desired interview, and are likely to sink one’s chances of getting to the point of explaining their exceptional skills and talents.

Avoid stock phrases and clichés

Expunge what you think a resume “has to have” if you believe stock phrases like “aggressive go-getter,” “results driven,” or “excellent communication skills” are necessary. You’ll immediately generate a yawn or a grunt on the part of your resume reader.

They’ve seen all these and more countless times! Instead, utilize clearly thought out phrases and sentences that demonstrate the results your “go-getter” qualities generated, thereby communicating effectively.

Have questions about your job search? We want to hear them! Comment below or contact one of our expert recruiters today! Find the closes CFS location to you here.

Read the original article published on US News & World Report.

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Senior Financial Analyst – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

  • 9/80 work schedule
  • 3 Weeks PTO + 8 Holidays
  • 10% 401K match



Senior Financial Reporting Analyst prepares the Company’s internal and external financial statements and the related disclosures, and provides technical support on selected accounting and disclosure matters in accordance with US GAAP and management reporting requirements.


  • Internal Reporting : Manage the timely and accurate delivery of  monthly Management reporting package, including:
  • Prepare and review financial statements and related schedules to be included in the monthly financial reporting package.
  • Compile and review monthly and quarterly variance analysis to explain significant variances in financial statement accounts, utilizing input from the respective account owners in the Accounting department.
  • External Reporting : Manage the timely and accurate delivery of quarterly and annual accounting reports and financial statements under US GAAP for reporting to investors and debt holders, including:
  • Prepare and review financial statement schedules
  • Draft supporting tables/schedules to Notes to Financial Statements and update disclosures based on authoritative accounting guidance.
  • Coordinate with other departments to obtain required information for the Notes to Financial Statements.
  • Annual Audit : Coordinate with external auditors to ensure a successful, efficient annual audit process for multiple entities, including:
  • Coordinate internal PBCs with other departments.
  • Draft and review accounting schedules and memos supporting reporting applied in financial statements.
  • Evaluate the audit status to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Accounting Research/Implementation : Support research of accounting and reporting issues and stay current with all accounting and reporting requirements that could impact the financial statements, including:
  • Assist in the development, implementation and maintenance of accounting and reporting policies and procedures to ensure compliance with US GAAP, SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Review complex accounting entries prepared by accounting team members, as necessary, to ensure compliance with authoritative accounting guidance.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or related field required, Master’s Degree in Accounting or Finance preferred
  • Must be a Certified Public Accountant
  • Big 4 and Oil and Gas experience preferred
  • Minimum of four years of business and accounting experience, including
  • Minimum of 3 years audit (public accounting) or 3 years public company financial reporting or planning experience, preferably in the energy industry
  • Minimum of 2 years senior/lead experience
  • Experience with OGSYS preferred
  • Strong accounting skills, strong writing skills, and intermediate knowledge of US GAAP