Top 30 Interview Bloopers – Add to this List! By Dana Manciagli

A quick and great list to review. Most of these should be self explanatory…but unfortunately they are not!

Good news, bad news. Bad news: The majority of job seekers are blowing it in their job interviews. So the bar is pretty low.
Now the good news: You can stand out in interviews by being prepared. Well-rehearsed, smart about your answers and balanced between confidence and humility.
So instead of lecturing you more about the “crap” that happens in interviews (both with external company interviews or within your company), I’ll just point out the multiple bloopers.

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In my 30+ years hiring, interviewing and helping thousands of job seekers, the following 30, in no particular order, are the most popular mistakes.

1. Not listening to the question.
2. Babbling on and on and on and on
3. Not having interesting questions.
4. No passion, low energy.
5. Cocky, not self-aware or not humble.
6. Negative about your prior company, prior boss, or prior anything.
7. Not being prepared with good ‘ole strengths and weaknesses.
8. Forgot to go for the close, or ask to continue to the next step of the hiring process.
9. Slow with turnaround on a request from the interviewer (like sending information).
10. Smelling. Onions, cigarette smoke, perfume, cologne.
11. Chewing gum.
12. Phone on and vibrating or ringing
13. Dressed inappropriately, sloppy.
14. Nothing to write with (and I don’t mean on a PC or phone).
15. Having something to write with, but not writing anything down.
16. Spilling a cup of coffee or soda.
17. Leaving your dirty cup of coffee or soda on their desk upon departure.
18. Sticky or wimpy handshake.
19. No eye contact.
20. Slouching.
21. Interrupting.
22. Forgetting your resume, not having enough copies.
23. Not knowing the job description of the position you are interviewing for.
24. Not doing research on the web about the company, division, hiring manager, etc.
25. Scuffed shoes.
26. Listening to music or talking on your phone in the waiting room.
27. Asking about salary or benefits.
28. Left your manners at home.
29. Messy with your stuff: messy papers, coat, bags, purses all disheveled, no hand free to shake hands.
30. Being late!

More bad news: there are more than these 30! Help our LinkedIn blog readers and contribute more mistakes that you see as an interviewer.
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