Accounting & Finance Openings Houston –

– Controller (SEC) – West Houston
– Controller (SEC) – SW Houston
– Controller (SEC) – Katy
– International Tax and Accounting Director – Downtown
– Senior Accountant – oil & gas – Downtown
– Treasury Analyst – oil & gas – Downtown
– Treasury Accountant – oil & gas – Downtown
– Budget Analyst – SW Houston
– Federal & State Tax Analyst – Downtown
– Wealth Analyst – Galleria
– Internal Auditor – GWP – less than 10% travel
– Accounting Assistant – Galleria
– AP Supervisor – GWP
– Auditor – Woodlands
– Sales & Use Tax Accountant – Woodlands
– Hyperion Consolidations Analyst – West Houston
– Staff Accountant – West Houston
– Senior Accountant – NW Houston
– IT Auditor – Galleria
– International Tax Accountant – Public Accounting
– Auditor – Public Accounting

May 2013 List of Accounting & Finance Openings – EMAIL:

• Staff Auditor – Galleria – to 55k – 40% travel
• Financial Analyst – North – Oil and Gas – to 70k (must have Big 4 exp)
• Sr Corporate Accountant – Galleria – Oil and Gas – to 83k (must have Big 4 exp)
• International Tax Manager – Galleria – Oil and Gas – to 120k
• SOX Manager – Galleria – to 90k
• SEC Director – West – to 135K
• Accounting Manager – West – to 100k
• AP Supervisor – West – to 60k – must have degree
• Controller – Northwest – to 115K
• Tax Accountant – Oil and Gas – CPA a must – to 75k
• Senior Accountant – West – Consolidations – 60K (20% bonus)
• Financial Reporting Manager – Westchase – consolidations, GAAP – to 80k
• Staff Accountant – North – payroll, quickbooks, financials – 55K plus other perks
• CFO – **Relo to South Texas** – email me at for more
• Revenue Accountant/MMS Specialist – Downtown
• Payroll Manager – Ultipro – West – to 75k
• SEC Supervisor – West – to 85k
• Senior Accountant – Manufacturing – Downtown – 80k
• Controller – Non-Profit – to 90k
• IT Auditor – Northeast – to 90k
• Payroll Supervisor – SAP In-house – westchase – to 80k
• Auditor – Downtown – 55k
• Treasury Analyst – 70k – Downtown
• Senior Tax – State Income – Downtown

May 2013 Newsletter for Accounting Professionals with list of current openings!

Industry News and Update

Busy, busy, busy….what a month it has been! This newsletter was supposed to go out two weeks ago, so I apologize for the delay. It is an unbelievable time to live in Houston and I know it is only going to get better. All you have to do is drive around the city and see all the commercial and residential construction everywhere to realize our little city is in growth mode. Have you also noticed a not of out of state license plates? That is right! I think our little secret is out. Houston not only a great place to live, but the city also provides amazing career opportunities. I am going to keep it very short today. I have a laundry list of openings listed at the bottom of this email and have included an interesting article as well. As always feel free to check out my blog for job openings and career advice anytime.

Local Searches
CFO, CPA – Spanish – Brownsville, Texas 180 to 200K plus bonus & equity
CFO, CPA – Hospitality, Nebraska – 180 to 200K
Accounting Supervisor, Heights, 85K – small company
Severance Tax Specialist – DT – 75 to 95K
MMS /ONRR Coordinator – DT 80 to 110K
Treasury Analyst (2 openings) West & DT – 55 to 70K
Supervisor of Internal Financial Reporting – West – 75K plus bonus
Assistant Controller – E&P – West Houston
Staff Accountant – Magnolia – 45 to 55K
Fixed Assets Lead – Galleria – 80K
Corporate Accountant Analyst – Galleria – 80K
Non Profit Controller – DT – 90K
Cost Accountant – Pearland – 60K
Staff Accountant – heavy recs – NW – 60K
Controller – NW Houston – 95 to 115K
Accounting Manager – Heavy intercompany & reconciliations – 95K – Galleria
Joint Venture Audit – Oil and Gas – 65 to 110K – Galleria
Director SEC Reporting – Pre-IPO- 125K Plus Bonus / Stock
AP Specialist – 35 to 38K – SW
Associate Manager Consolidations & Analysis – 50 to 65K +20% –  West
Revenue Accountant – 5 years – 65 to 91K – Downtown
FP&A Manager,  multi location – 75 to 85K – Galleria
JV Accountant – 2 openings – 50 to 120K
Revenue Accountant –  SAP PRA – 80K – West
Revenue Supervisor –  SAP/ Enertia – 90 to 100K – West
Cost Analyst 75K 
Public Accounting – Tax and Audit – any level tax or audit 50 to 120K
IT Audit – 80K plus – West
AP Supervisor – 65 to 75K – West Houston

October 2012 Newsletter for Accounting Professionals from Diane Delgado LeMaire @ CFS

Industry News and Updates

This has been an interesting start to the 4th quarter of the year. I can’t say that we are super busy on the direct hire side of our business, but we have been very steady. Although year to date, the CFS Houston Team has become one of the top CFS offices for growth!  The demand for contract workers is very high. We are seeing this locally in Houston and nationally (40 offices nationwide).  I wonder how much of an impact the coming election is having on the types of hires companies are making (temporary vs. permanent) and if we will see the flood gates open after we receive the election results. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I continue to be optimistic about our local economy. Most of the news we see every day about Houston is very positive. We were just recently name the number one city in the US for Manufacturing by Forbes. Just simply drive around town and there seem to be buildings going up every where (especially on the west side of town). Construction is always the last industry to come out of a recession, so I am sure this is just the beginning of what’s to come. According to the GHP Houston added almost 90, 000 jobs by the end of August 2012. We are experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the nation. Again, very positive news. It is great to live in such a wonderful and prosperous city. Oh, and by the way GO TEXANS! They are having an amazing year and I am certain making a positive impact on our local economy :-). Until next time……

Local Statistics:

National / Houston Unemployment rate: 7.8/6.7

Price of Oil: $95 (last year $95)

Oil Rig Count: 1955 (last year 1835)

Industries hiring: Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Oil & Gas Field Services, Retail, Chemicals and Services, Construction, Manufacturing

Positions in demand: Senior Accountants,Auditors, Financial Analysts

Industries not hiring or flat: Telecommunications, Government


  • Credit & Collections Manager, SE, 110 to 120K
  • SEC Accountant, Westchase, 1 to 2 year Auditor needed
  • Senior Accountant, Westchase, 60K (2 openings)
  • Staff Accountant, Galleria, 48K
  • Auditor, Galleria, 40% travel 60 to 75K
  • Fixed Asset Accounting Manager, DT, 90K
  • Bilingual Senior Accountant, DT, 60K
  • Controller, Manufacturing, Rosenberg, 130K
  • 2 Entry Level Tax Accountants, CPA Firm, Good GPA
  • Accounting Manager, Katy, 100K
  • Assistant Controller, Rosenberg, 85K
  • Audit Senior Manager & Partner, Galleria, DOE
  • Tax Senior Manager & Partner, Galleria, DOE
  • Payroll Administrator, Woodlands, 50K
  • International Tax Staff & Senior, Westchase, 50 to 90K
  • Revenue Accounting Supervisor, DT, 115K
  • Revenue Senior, DT, 65 to 85K
  • Gas Plant Accountant, DT, 85 to 90K
  • Staff Accountant, West Houston, Small Company, 60K
  • Procurement Rep, 2 to 3 year assignment IRAQ, 100 PLUS
  • Tax Staff Accountant, CPA Firm, Galleria, 45 to 55K
  • Internal Auditor, Galleria, 60 to 65K – 20% Travel
  • Gas Plant Accountant, Westchase & DT, 75 to 100K
  • Sales Analyst (heavy excel), Greenway, 55K
  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Accountants, Galleria, 45 to 65K
  • Pharmacy IT Analyst, Modeling, Data Mining, Greenway Plaza, 80 to 90K


Forbes names Houston No. 1 city for manufacturing jobs

Current Openings September 2012

  • Revenue Accounting Supervisor – Downtown – Oil and Gas – 110K – offshore experience
  • Revenue Accountant (Senior) – Downtown – Oil and Gas – 80K – offshore experience
  • Internal Audit Director – Galleria – 125K+ – need to have presented to Board before
  • Staff Internal Auditor – Galleria – Oil and Gas – 55-60K(ish) – 20% travel (international)
  • Staff Internal Auditor (x2)- Reliant area – 55-60K – 5% travel (domestic)
  • Senior Auditor – Galleria – Manufacturing – 75K – 50% travel (domestic)
  • Healthcare Analyst – Greenway Plaza – Healthcare – 90K – pharmacy experience?
  • Implementation Manager – Greenway Plaza – Healthcare – 90-120K – need project Mgt experience
  • Sr Accountant/Jr Manager – Downtown – Oil and Gas – 95-110K – consolidations, large co experience
  • Gas Plant Accountant – Downtown – 75K – does acct for plant, creates invoices for gas
  • Staff Accountant (x2) – Katy – to 53K – MUST have Accounting Degree
  • Lease Accounting Manager – West – 100K – mix of fixed assets, systems and lease experience
  • Director of Accounting – West – 125K
  • Controller – Southwest – Manufacturing – 110-135K – MUST have standard costing and manu experience
  • Auditor – West – Oil and Gas – 100-110K – Need Oil and Gas experience, JV audits, SOX, E&P
  • Sales Analyst – Greenway Plaza – Healthcare – 50K – 1 year analysis experience, data-mining
  • AP Manager – Downtown – Oil and Gas – 60-70K – Must be degreed, need O&G or oilfield svcs experience
  • Assistant Controller – Construction – West – to 100K – need homebuilding experience
  • Senior Auditor – Downtown – Oil and Gas – 90K – 8-10 yrs, 20% travel
  • Gas Plant Accountant – West – Oil and Gas – 90K
  • Tax Director – West – Consumer Goods – to 140K – Federal and State


August 2012 Newsletter for Houston Accounting Professionals

August 2012

Industry News and Updates

Diane – can you believe that Summer is almost over? Right now it seems that most people are focused on last minute vacations, back to school shopping and getting prepared for unbelievable amounts of traffic on the freeways again. I must say, I do love the sunny and warm days of summer, but I am ready for the fall. One of the main reasons for that excitement is not only the change in weather, but the amount of hires that happen in September, October and November. These are typically the busiest months for permanent placements. Contract placements tend to be higher in the summer months, although there are record numbers of temporary hires happening this year.

So what is new to Houston? According to the Greater Houston Partnership’s Economy at a Glance, consumer confidence seems to be improving. Houston enjoyed the highest auto and home sales numbers since 2007 this past month.  The GHP ties this back to 3 factors which include: job and income growth, as well as the strong performance of the energy industry. They also mentioned that the average annual wage is up $9,100 from 2009. I can tell you first hand that making a move right now does not mean you have to go backwards in salary. That is not to say that people are not making lateral moves, but for the most part everyone is seeing an increase in salary. The market is still doing very well in Houston and good talent is getting harder to find. Accountants like yourself will benefit from that today and for years to come!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have and stay tuned for the next newsletter in October.

Local Statistics:

  • National / Houston Unemployment rate: 8.4/7.5
  • Price of Oil:$83.13 (last year $95.87)
  • Oil Rig Count:1944 (last year 1900)
  • Industries hiring:
  • Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Oil & Gas Field Services, Retail, Chemicals and Services
  • Positions in demand: Staff Accountants, Auditors, Analysts, Oil & Gas Accountants, Operations Accounting Roles
  • Industries not hiring or flat: Telecommunications, Government, Financial Services

Local Searches

  • Staff Accountant, Katy, 45 to 55K
  • Tax Staff Accountant, CPA Firm, Galleria, 45 to 55K
  • Internal Auditor, Sugar Land, 60 to 65K – 5% Travel
  • Operations Analyst, Galleria, 75K
  • Internal Auditor, Galleria, 60 to 65K – 20% Travel
  • Accounting Manager, Trading Co, Galleria, 85 to 95K
  • Staff Auditor (Financial & IT), Med Center, 60K
  • AR Analyst, non degreed, South Houston, 35K
  • Sr Accountant, AR, Westchase, 55K
  • Buyer, Planner, NW Houston, Metals exp., 45 to 55K
  • Hyperion / HFM Analst, West, 60K plus 20% bonus
  • Gas Plant Accountant, Westchase & DT, 75 to 100K
  • Treasury / Financial Analyst, Galleria, 100K
  • Cost Analyst, Rosenberg, 75 to 85K
  • FP&A Senior, Woodlands, 100K
  • Sales Analyst (heavy excel), Greenway, 55K
  • Accounting Manager, NW, MFG exp. 80K
  • JIB Manager, DT, 100 to 115
  • Director of Accounting, E&P, 130 to 150K
  • Credit Analyst, DT, 70K
  • Billing Lead, DT, 60K
  • AP Manager, DT 65K
  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Accountants, Galleria, 45 to 65K
  • Pharmacy Analyst – Greenway Plaza, 80 to 90K
  • Internal Audit Manager, Galleria, 90 to 110K
  • Credit & Collections Manager, SE, 90K

FP&A Analyst – Oil & Gas –


Assists in the monthly tracking and monitoring of expenditures, forecasting and variance reporting, preparation of annual budgets and forecasts. Gathers data for evaluation of properties and other miscellaneous Planning projects. Liaison between Accounting and the Operational side of the business.


 Assist in the monthly tracking and monitoring of expenditures and production volumes using Excel spreadsheets and the financial systems for the monthly financial reporting.

 Assist with Monthly Operating Results, Forecasts, and Annual Plan.

  Gather and compile data from various organizational groups’ spreadsheets and databases to aid in the development and preparation and validation of accruals, forecasts and the annual budget.

 Analyze and understand variances in monthly expenditures using the LOS (Lease Operating System) from Excalibur and other documents as sources.

 Assist Accounting to assure accurate booking of actual costs incurred.

Assist in other miscellaneous Planning projects such as miscellaneous presentations, benchmarking analysis, assembling data for review and other projects/tasks as necessary.

 Provide data and assistance to supporting staff within areas of assignment to facilitate the preparation of forecast and budgeting processes.

Assist with PEEP update of Capital actuals and Morning Report estimates.


Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Engineering

 A minimum of 2 – 5 years of direct working experience or 8-10 years of direct working experience if non-degreed.

 Prior knowledge and experience of planning and budgeting in the oil and gas industry (or equivalent)

Proficiency using MS Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) with heavy emphasis on Excel in creating formulas, linking spreadsheets, etc; knowledge of ESSBASE, Excalibur and Peep software would be a plus, but not required.

 Proficient in the Accounting accrual process.

 Must be able to understand, review and analyze operational data.

 Must demonstrate judgment to handle sensitive and confidential information and situations.

Attention to detail with a strong emphasis on research utilizing all available resources to provide accurate information.

 Ability to quickly learn the Company economic systems ), gain an understanding of the Excalibur financial system and learn various other company systems.

Required to be able to work as part of the team to accomplish the goals/tasks of the Planning group.

 Proven ability to get along and cooperate with others both internal and external to the Company.

Must be able to work necessary overtime to meet deadlines.

 Ability to continue to perform well in a fast paced environment with tight deadlines while also remaining flexible.

 Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills and work effectively with diverse groups of people throughout the organization.

Demonstrated strong organizational skills.

Financial Analyst – Southeast Houston – 85 to 95K –


This position reports directly to the Director of Finance and has responsibility for providing financial reporting projections and analysis to support Senior Management in their strategic decision-making and attainment of company objectives.

 This position has very high visibility and interacts across all levels of the organization, including Senior Management, thus confidence as well as being extremely detail-oriented along with a high level of accuracy are critical factors to be successful in this role.

 Major Responsibilities

Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

  • The preparation of financial analysis for ad-hoc projects and “what if” scenarios using financial modeling techniques.


  • Analysis of historical trends and current operating metrics to identify business inefficiencies and potential areas of improvement in the current business model.


  • Management of the annual budgeting, forecasting and planning (>5 year) processes.


  • Assisting with debt management and compliance reporting.


  • Providing support to the Investor Relations function.


  • Providing support to the Risk Management and Insurance Functions.


  • Other responsibilities as directed by Management.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration or related field. CPA preferred.


  • Master degree in Business Administration or Finance strongly preferred.


  • Requires a minimum of 3 to 6 years of experience in a related field.


  • Demonstrated technical skills and experience in financial planning and analysis.


  • Must be highly proficient in the use of Microsoft Office products, primarily Excel and PowerPoint.


  • Must be able to work independently or in a team environment to meet the required objectives.


  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast paced environment and meet deadlines as required.


Reports To:

Director of Finance


Division Controller – Northwest Houston –

Overview: Responsible for controlling excellence as it pertains to internal and external reporting, adherence to corporate policies and procedures, controlling of expense spending, and management of all cash collections and payments. Additional responsibilities include all company/department support, data quality evaluation/validation, cost center support and supervision of the accounts payable accounts receivable and general ledger departments.

Responsibilities: 1. Provide accurate and timely reports to management (internal reporting), as required. 2. Provide accurate and timely reporting of company data to Corporate office (external reporting) as required. 3. Analyze cost center reports, review findings with appropriate manager/management each month. 4. Work with all departments to improve/maintain data quality. 5. Develop budget and forecast consolidations as required. 6. Perform monthly closing of the general ledger and subsystems in an accurate and timely manner. 7. Assist and manage the process of customer collections, including adherence to policies, collection goals, customer collection logs, and proper cash postings. 8. Reconcile or manage the process for all general ledger accounts. 9. Adherence to all policies and procedures as it pertains to the disbursement of company cash. 10. Coordination and general support of Company audits of both an internal and external nature. 11. Act as a resource to management regarding all accounting issues, reporting and analysis. 13. Perform other directly related appropriate duties as assigned.


1. 2 – 5 years professional experience in finance accounting preferably in a manufacturing environment. 2. Bachelor’s degree in accounting required. 3. Experience with ERP software required (SAP)

Diane Delgado LeMaire| Senior Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 |713-260-5238 ||


Over 30 Accounting & Finance openings in Houston! Permanent and Contract!

Below is a partial list of our local searches:

Local Searches
  • Auditor – West Houston – Less than 15% travel, Oil & Gas, 65 to 75K
  • Auditor – Central – 50% travel – Oil & Gas, 65 to 75K
  • Joint Interest Auditor – 25% travel – Oil & Gas (Fortune 200), 60 to 100K
  • Auditor – Downtown – 50% Travel – Manufacturing – 75 to 85K
  • Tax Manager, Federal & State, FAS 109 – 120 to 155K 
  • Senior Tax Accountant – Galleria – 50 to 80K (Federal & State)
  • Senior Banking Auditor – Galleria – 65 to 80K
  • IFRS Analyst – DT – E&P, 65 to 95K
  • Accounting  Manager (CPA, Spanish, Oracle) – Sugar Land – 100 to 120K 
  • Inventory Accounting Manger – West – 85 to 95K
  • SEC Accountant – Greenway – 55 to 70K
  • Payroll Accountant – Southeast – 60 to 75K
  • Senior Auditor (Rotational Role) 50% Travel – Fortune 500 – 60 to 85K
  • Financial Analyst (2), The Woodlands
  • Senior Accountant, The Woodlands, Big4 background
  • AP Manager, The Woodlands
  • Mid Office Analyst, 60 to 100K – Trader Track!
  • Project Analyst, North Houston, 65 to 75K
  • Cost Accountant, North Houston, 65 to 75K
  • Sr. GL Accountant (Manufacturing), Northwest Houston, 65 to 70K
  • Senior Cost Analyst, Northwest Houston, 65 to 75K
  • Bilingual Spanish Accountant, West Houston, 65 to 75K
  • Six Sigma / Financial Analyst, Northwest Houston, 65 to 80K
  • JIB Supervisor and Lead, Northwest Houston, 65 to 95K
  • Junior Accountant (Associates Degree) 40K
  • Corporate Recruiter, 50 to 55K, Northwest Houston
  • Tax Accountant, CPA Firm, NO OVERTIME, Greenway Plaza

  • 6 Tax Contractors needed for fall deadlines
  • 20 Internal / External Auditors needed for various projects
  • Property Accountant ( 60 day project)
  • Valuation Analyst (temp to hire)
  • Payroll Tax (temp to hire)
  • AP Specialists (The Woodlands)
  • SAP Reconciliation Project
  • Financial Analyst (Excel & Quickbooks) (temp to hire)


Diane Delgado LeMaire | Senior Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 || Blog| Twitter| LinkedIn

SEC Reporting Manager – Houston –

Description of Responsibilities

The responsibilities of this position primarily include:

  • Ownership and management of the process to prepare  filings (e.g., Form 10-K and 10-Q) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
  • Ownership and management of the process to prepare financial statements and other schedules, included in its quarterly earnings release and filed on Form 8-K with the SEC;
  • Interpretation, communication and implementation of new accounting and reporting standards and, as required, drafting response letters to the appropriate authority;
  • Analysis and review of various periodic journal entries to be recorded in the general ledger of  corporate entities, including stock-based compensation, shares outstanding and interest rate swap valuations;
  • Creation and maintenance of XBRL documents to be filed with the SEC and related tagging;
  • Assist in the coordination of the 401(K) plan audit and filing of Form 11-K with the SEC;
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements related to various foreign subsidiaries;
  • Involvement, as necessary, in any filings (e.g., Forms S-1, S-3 and S-8)
  • Drafting letters of response to SEC comments on filings, as required;
  • Coordination with external and internal auditors with regards to review and audit procedures; and
  • Census and other governmental reporting requirements.


Desired Qualifications

The candidate must be:

·         A team-first oriented employee;

·         Detail oriented, with a keen attention to quality control;

·         Process oriented, with an emphasis on internal controls;

·         An effective communicator, including the use of both verbal and written forms of communication, able to interact with various groups within the organization (i.e., Tax, Legal, Treasury, Investor Relations, etc.); and

·         Willing and able to work the necessary hours to accomplish all responsibilities, especially during month- and quarter-end close process, within a specific, defined timeline.


The candidate should have, at a minimum:

·         A Bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting, or a Finance degree with an accounting emphasis;

·         Certified as a public accountant;

·         Seven to ten years of relevant experience in accounting at a large, multi-location corporation and/or public accounting firm;  

·         Experience with both internal and external financial reporting, including filing of SEC documents;

·         A firm understanding of accounting principles;

·         Experience effectively managing and developing staff-level accountants;

·         Proficiency handling multiple, simultaneous projects;

·         An intermediate to advanced working knowledge of Microsoft software products, particularly Excel and v-lookups, as well as a general ledger software package; and

·         A working knowledge of Hyperion Financial Management and other Hyperion software products.

Mergers and Acquisitions / Financial Analyst – Houston, Texas

Mergers and Acquisitions / Financial Analyst

Our client is growing tremendously. There are several acquisitions in process at this moment. The CFO is looking for a right hand person to assist him with the M&A process.

Provide the CFO with financial analysis and guidance for Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Planning and Treasury.

  • Proficiency in Excel and Power Point Knowledge of the Merger and Acquisition process & terminology
  • Ability to use financial models, financial formulas and valuation methods
  • Effective verbal and written communications skills
  • Ability to think strategically & recognize growth opportunities
  • Marketing or Business Development experience
  • Ability to handle highly confidential projects
  • Risk Management
  • Knowledge of Accounting

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics or related business
  • 2- 5 years of financial analysis experience
  • Experience in Mergers & Acquisitions Experience in Marketing, Strategic Planning, or Business Development

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Senior Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 || Blog| Twitter| LinkedIn

August – Houston Accounting Openings –

  1. Temp to Hire Revenue Accountant ($30/hour)
  2. Revenue Staff Accountant (North)
  3. Revenue Senior Accountant(North)
  4. Revenue Staff Accountant (Downtown)
  5. IT Auditor (Downtown)
  6. Portuguese / Spanish GL Accountant
  7. GL / Intercompany Accountant (West Houston) – Big 4 Background
  8. assistant Controller (West Houston) – Combination Big 4 And Industry
  9. AP Supervisor (West Houston) – 4 year degree
  10. Small Company Controller (West Houston) – Letter of Credit Required
  11. Entry Level Cash / Banking Accountant
  12. Treasury Manager (North Houston)
  13. Internal Auditor (30 to 40% Travel)
  14. AP Accountant (249/ Beltway)
  15. Cost Accountant (1 to 3 years North Houston)
  16. GL Accountant (Southeast Houston)
  17. JIB Accountant (Downtown)
  18. Sales & Use Tax Accountant (North Houston)
  19. International Tax Planning Director (Downtown)
  20. Tax Manager (Short Track to Partnership)
  21. Audit Senior, Supervisors & Managers needed for local CPA Firm
  22. Senior Tax Accountant CPA Firm Consolidated Corporate Returns (Downtown)
  23. Controller with Financial Services Background

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 |  ||||

HOUSTON – Accounting Positions – 40 to 145K – June 2010

Current Openings:

  • Public Accounting: Staff Audit, Senior Audit, Audit Manager and Senior manager
  • Public Accounting: Tax Senior and Manager (Corporate Taxes ONLY)
  • assistant Corporate Controller – 90 to 115K – Galleria
  • Accounting Manager – 85K – Galleria
  • Fixed Asset Senior – 65 to 80K – Galleria
  • Fixed Asset Manager – 85K plus – Galleria
  • Senior accountant Galleria
  • SEC Accountant – 62 to 85K – Galleria and Northwest Houston
  • Financial Analyst – 85K – Northwest Houston
  • International Tax Planning Director – 120 to 145K – Downtown
  • AP Manager – 65K – Southeast Houston
  • Accounting Manager – Downtown – 75K
  • Audit Manager – West Houston
  • JIB Accountant – 85K – Downtown
  • Sales & Use Tax Accountant – 85K – Downtown
  • Revenue Accountant – 65 to 85K – Downtown
  • Controller – 110 to 130K –  Southeast Houston
  • assistant Controller – 90 to 115K – Southeast Houston
  • Accountant – Senior – 6o to 90K – Southeast Houston

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 |  ||||

Assistant Controller, Houston, Texas 90 to 115K

Our client, a privately held services company, is growing and adding a leadership role to their Accounting Department. The ideal candidate will supervise up to 5 direct reports and 15 indirect reports.  


·          Supervise, manage and evaluate Accounting department personnel  

·          Manage all aspects of monthly closing and reporting process  

·          Manager quarterly review, yearend review and audit process  

·          Responsible for documentation and execution of internal controls  

·          Manage day to day/transaction processing of Accounting department  

·          Analyze processes and design/implement enhancements to create a more organized and efficient department  


·          Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance   

·          CPA and/or Public Accounting a plus   

·          Proficiency with MS Office applications   

·          Ability to develop and maintain effective departmental and employee relations   

·          Strong analytical, organizational and communication skills   

Please email your resume to  

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 |   ||||  

Accounting Positions Open June 2010: Tax, Audit, Finance, Accounting

Here is what we are working on:


  • International Tax Planning Director
  • Financial Planning & analysis Manager
  • Senior Accountant 65K
  • Senior Accountant 75K
  • Sales & Use Tax Specialist 80K
  • JIB Accountant
  • Revenue Accountant
  • Entry Level Oil & Gas Accountant
  • International Tax Senior Manager – Public Accounting
  • State Tax Senior Manager – Public Accounting
  • Internal Audit – 60% Domestic Travel – 2 Openings
  • Senior Auditor – 20% Domestic Travel – 2 Openings
  • Accounting manager (small company) 60 to 65K – Downtown
  • Tax Specialist – 90K – Federal, State or International
  • Assistant Controller – Service Company – 100K
  • Bilingual Spanish Auditor – 80K – 50% travel
  • Gift & Estate Ta x Senior, Manager or Senior Manager
  • Audit Manager or Senior Manager – Local CPA Firm – Partner Track
  • Senior Auditor (Public Accounting) – Non Profits!


  • CFO – Construction – 150 to 200K plus bonus – Tennessee
  • Gift & Estate Tax Senior Manager (Partner Track) – San Antonio
  • International Tax Manager – Orlando, Florida

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 |  ||||

Senior Accountant – North / Northwest Houston


Our client, a 500 million dollar Oil Field Services company, is currently looking to add a Senior Accountant to their team. This person would be slated for the Accounting Manger role within a year!!! The company’s goal is to reach annual revenues of 1 Billion!

Senior Accountant

  • Help lead staff of 5.
  • Ownership of GL and Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • Assist with coordinating Audit.
  • Maintain Fixed Asset Inventory system.
  • DSO and Cash Flow forecasting.
  • Ad Hoc Projects as assigned.
  • Assist in developing internal controls and improving processes & procedures.


  • Degree in Accounting
  • 3 to 6 years of Accounting experience
  • Hyperion, HFM, Great Plains expereince a huge plus
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 |   | /|||

Current Openings!!! Accounting & Finance – Houston, TEXAS

  • Lead Financial Analyst (DT)
  • Financial Analyst Oil & Gas (DT)
  • Senior Tax Manager (FAS 109 – DT)
  • Accounting Manager (Southwest Houston) 100 – 120K
  • Accounting Supervisor (West Houston) Manufacturing
  • Credit & Collections Manager (Southwest Houston)
  • MLP Tax Lead (DT)
  • Senior Audit – Public Accounting (Southwest Houston)
  • Staff Audit – Public Accounting (Southwest Houston)
  • Internal Audit (60% travel) West Houston
  • JIB Accountant (DT)
  • JV Accountant (West Houston)
  • Assistant Controller (Downtown)
  • SEC Accountant (Galleria)
  • Senior Financial Analyst  – Special Projects Accountant – West Houston
  • Senior Corporate Tax Accountant – Public Accounting (Oil & Gas Clients!!!!!)
  • Tax Supervisor (DT)
  • Non Profit Controller
  • FAS133 Accountant (West Houston)

NEW: Oil & Gas TAX Accountant (Federal & State) & Entry Level Staff Accountant

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 |  ||||

Financial Analyst 50 to 75K, Houston, Texas

Position Description • Reporting to VP Finance, provide financial analysis and planning services and market analytical support to Products Pipelines business unit • Develop and maintain market information data and reports that relate to the Products Pipeline operating areas including national supply and demand data for petroleum products • Track and analyze performance of segment assets with emphasis on market factors and operating efficiencies • Coordinate and prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly volume and margin reports • Manage annual capital budget process and monthly expansion capital project report • Provide support to commercial management personnel in development of reports and analysis for monthly earnings review, quarterly business reviews and annual budgets Position Requirements • Accounting degree and minimum two years accounting experience • CPA preferred • Strong technical proficiency in business systems • Self-starter with strong organizational skills and outstanding communication skills

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Managing Director, Accounting & Finance Recruiting | Creative Financial Staffing, a division of Fitts, Roberts CPA Firm | 5718 Westheimer Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77057 | 713-260-5238 |  ||||

March 2010 Newsletter for Accounting Professionals in Houston, Texas

Industry News and Updates

So, I know everyone is very anxious to hear what is happening in Houston. Well, believe it or not it I have great news to report! Our Houston CFS office has been extremely busy this year. We had a great start in January and that has continued all the way into March. We have been placing accounting professionals in permanent and temporary jobs at a greater pace every week. A lot of companies cut pretty deep with layoffs in 2009 and are starting to see their volume of business pick up again. This is prompting them to first look to contractors and then eventually it will lead to more permanent positions. It may be time to dust off that old resume! Or just follow my blog at: I also accept all LinkedIn invitations:

Local Statistics

  • National / Houston Unemployment Rate: 9.7% / 8.3%
  • Price of Oil / Natural Gas:  $81 / $4.42
  • Oil Rig Count: 1396
  • Industries hiring: Upstream Oil & Gas, CPA Firms, Non Profit, Healthcare, Business Services, Commercial & Residential Property Management
  • Positions in demand: Tax Staff, Tax Senior, Tax Manager (Public & Industry), Controller & CFO (coming back), Senior Accountant, Oil & Gas Revenue Accountant
  • Industries not hiring or flat: Manufacturing, Construction, Homebuilding

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Below is a partial list of our local and national searches:

Revenue Accountant
West Houston, 80K, 10% Bonus Potential

Joint Venture Accountant
West Houston, SAP

Senior Auditor (Public Accounting) 
Centra Houston, Work Life Balance, Paid Overtime

Corporate Accoutning Director
West Houston, 150K plus bonus

Houston, Great Plains & Job Costing

4 Senior Tax Accountants
Galleria, Public Accounting

IT Auditor (E&P)
Galleria, 110K

Tax Manager or Senior Tax Manger
Downtown and Galleria, Public Accounting

Tax Lead Partnership Accounting

Accounts Payable / Purchasing Speciailst
Channelview, Great Plains, 40K