If you love Audit, but not the travel, this role could be for you!!!!

Our client has been in business for over 100 years! They are currently revamping their Audit program and searching for an Audit Senior who would love to be part of that process.

If you love to train and mentor, there are two staff auditors waiting for your guidance!

What do you need to qualify:

  • Accounting or Finance Degree
  • CIA, CPA, CISA or any other related Audit certification
  • 4 to 10 years of Audit experience
  • SOX
  • A great attitude!

Why Apply?

  • Get in on the ground floor of a new Audit program
  • Have a great shot at the manager role….quickly!
  • Travel less than 15% (all domestic and day trips!)
  • Get a chance to truly make your mark.
  • Help train and mentor the rookie Auditors.
  • This is NOT just SOX!


  • Assist in the development of an annual audit schedule along with quarterly updates
  • Participate in a wide range of audit projects to include SOX testing along with various operational, financial and compliance audits
  • Partner with Director and key business leaders to continually evolve Audit Plans and risk coverage.
  • Use judgement and critical thinking skills to influent business partners, senior managers and peers.
  • Review Workpapers of various team members and prepare written reports to support opinions.
  • Keep abreast of current and industry best practices and assist in training audit staff on audit principles and processes, while reinforcing management expectations.


This Is What the Best Candidates I Ever Interviewed Had in Common – By Sara McCord

This Is What the Best Candidates I Ever Interviewed Had in Common by Sara McCord originally appeared in The Muse

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You continually make it to the interview stage, and then—crickets.

You have the skills to get in the door, but for some reason, you stall out when it comes to getting the offer. It’s super frustrating, and you can’t help but wonder why.

As someone who was responsible for recruiting and interviewing applicants for fellowship openings at organizations nationwide, I can tell you it’s true that being qualified isn’t always enough to edge out the competition.

So, how do you become on of those people the hiring manager will fight for when it comes down to just two qualified people?

The answer is simple: Build a real connection with your interviewer. Without a doubt, that was what made me pick one similarly-qualified applicant over another. (I’m only human, after all.)

Doing this is easier than you think—in fact, all the applicants who “connected” with me during the process only had to do the following:

1. They Made it Clear Why They Fit the Organization

It’s fair to think of an interview like a test. After all, someone’s asking you questions and judging you based on your answers.

However, this mindset will backfire.

That’s because you ace a test by studying up and giving the right answers. But the “perfect” answers are almost never the best in an interview situation, because they make you sound like everyone else. If you say you want to work at a company because it’s number one in it’s field—and leave it there—odds are you’re giving the same answer as others.

The trick is to push yourself a step further and make sure you figure into your reply.

For example, I interviewed a candidate, who in discussing her commitment to public interest work talked about efforts to raise awareness about sexual assault on her campus. While it wasn’t directly relevant to the role she was applying for, it showed that she volunteered on causes she cared about—and that’s the sort of civically engaged applicant we were looking for.

So, work stories that show why you’re interested in the company into your answers. Often, when you relay a story you share more about how you think and that helps the other person feel like he or she’s getting to know you. Plus, it feels like a more genuine way to talk about yourself.


2. They Showed They Were Listening

You know that asking questions at the end of your interview is a great way to build a connection. However, posing them is not enough.

The crucial next step is to actually listen to the answer.

I know, it sounds obvious. But you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me something, and then when I finished dove right into an unrelated next question without even taking a breath.

This made me feel like they had no interest in what I had to say, and just wanted to score points.

Conversely, I was always impressed with the applicants who listened close enough to what I said to ask an unrehearsed follow-up question. Too nervous to think on your feet? It can be a simple as saying “Can you tell me more about [something the interviewer just said]?”

When you listen, it becomes a two-way exchange. That makes your interview feels more like a conversation, which boosts the likelihood of feeling connected.


3. They Wrote a Thoughtful Thank You Note

Another way I knew a candidate was listening was if they referenced something I said in their follow-up.

Some people will tell you that all that matters about thank you notes is that they’re sent. And it’s true that simply following this rule would put you leagues ahead of those who forget.

However, I always appreciated one that went the extra mile and discussed something specific to the conversation.

Ask yourself: Did you learn anything new during the discussion? Was there a story they seemed especially interested in (by asking more)? Or something you feel you only touched on that you could’ve discussed further?

Let these answers guide your message. It’ll give you something meaningful to say between “Thank you for taking the time…” and “I look forward to hearing about next steps.” Plus, it’ll reinforce the connection you started to build.

Pro tip: In addition to sending an email within 24 hours, also send a handwritten one so the hiring manger will be reminded of you fondly a few days after the fact.

It’s not enough to just have the skills or passion. The candidates who rose to the top of my list also took the time to connect with me, to make it clear they saw me as a person, and not just an obstacle standing between them and the position. And because of that, it was easy to say to my team, “This person is the right one for the job!”

Cost & Inventory Accounting Manager – Stafford – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

Position Summary:

This newly created position will be responsible for developing and maintaining process and internal controls around the financial inventory function.

Essential Functions/ Key Results Areas:

  • Work with Operations to develop and maintain a cycle count process.  Reconcile and investigate variances between counts and Infor, and propose possible solutions.
  • Support Operations, Quality,  Services and other internal clients to ensure accurate DEA product recording and reporting.
  • Responsible for coordinating the year end physical inventory with Operations.
  • Partner with Operations in inventory related improvements that will result in increased production and efficiency as the company expands.
  • Utilize expertise in ERP inventory transaction flows to partner with Operations in developing and maintaining process mappings; use subject expertise to determine possible inefficiencies within Infor to create cost and/or time savings.
  • Develop reporting tools and internal controls with the Cost Controller to ensure the accuracy of the inventory valuation and monthly Cost of Goods Sold calculations.
  • Work closely with Accounts Payable to ensure all payments for inventory have been properly ordered and received.
  • Support internal and external financial audit activities.
  • Perform month-end close activities including reconciling of inventory and related liabilities.
  • Perform other duties, as needed, for the Financial Operations Controller, Chief Development Officer and the leadership team.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or relevant discipline
  • Strong understanding of GAAP
  • 5-7 years of experience as an Inventory or Cost Accountant
  • Experience with ERP systems required;

(70-82K) + 5-10% discretionary bonus



Sourcing / Procurement Financial Analyst – Houston – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

Our client is a Fortune 500 company and a market leader with annual sales north of 5 Billion dollars! 

This position reports to the Director and has an active role in month end reporting and analysis, ad hoc reporting, budgeting, forecasting, projections and preforming detailed analytics on companies purchasing behavior. The Financial Analyst partners with Operations in helping to drive consistency through their procurement methods and reporting. 

• Assists in the preparation, review and distribution of monthly capital expenditure and commitment reports.
• Prepares monthly analytics report and distributes to field.
• Tracks and reconciles operating leases within consolidated tool.
• Analyzes reports for variances from forecasted, budgeted and benchmarked performance and provide recommendations.
• Monitors and reports actual results vs. key business performance indicators.
• Provides management with continuous improvement plans to sustain and drive improvements throughout the business.
• Assists in the budgeting process.
• Participates in a wide variety of specific financial analysis projects and compile a variety of specific reports.


  • 3 to 6 years of relevant experience (Audit/Accounting/Finance)
  • Experience with Leases, rentals and construction eexperiencepreferred
  • “Rockstar” personality – Growth oriented


Professional Services – Financial / Pricing Analyst – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

Financial / Pricing Analyst – Houston – 

• Develop pricing proposals
• Perform predictive scenario / sensitivity analysis and modeling to assess the impact of proposed initiatives.
• Assist with the development and administration of pricing systems.
• Monitor the performance and compare financial and operational performance against internal and external benchmarks.
• Compare financial and operational performance against internal and external benchmarks.
• Research and analysis related to other assigned financial projects, including monitoring of trends in support of the rate-setting and review process.
• Maintain billing rate information in systems and address questions as needed.
• Report on the status of various department initiatives and metrics to the Chief Financial Officer and other key stakeholders.

Job Requirements:
• A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, accounting, or a business related degree is required.
• A minimum of two years’ experience in a professional services firm in areas related to financial analysis is strongly preferred;
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to work effectively with employees at all levels.
• Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Must be organized, analytical and detail oriented.
• Able to multi-task, prioritize, and deliver quality work product in a deadline driven environment; overtime is required during peak times.

Senior Accounting Analyst – Stafford – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

Senior Accounting Analyst

  • Assist in preparation of SEC filings (Forms 10Q, 10K and 11K, 8-K, Proxy), including completion of the GAAP disclosure checklist, tie out binder and related schedules, and assist with and review the XBRL tagging
  • Responsible for preparation of non-standard journal entries as part of the monthly closing of the corporate books
  • Responsible for performing research and related documentation in technical memoranda, as necessary
  • Perform monthly / quarterly analysis of significant balance sheet and operating accounts
  • Responsible for supporting the Corporate Controller with audit requests from the external auditors, benefit plan auditors, and internal audit, as requested
  • Support the data conversion and validation efforts related to the implementation
  • Ad Hoc Projects!!!!


  • Degree in Accounting
  • CPA a Plus
  • Public Accounting experience (Big 4 or large regional firm experience preferred)



Senior Treasury Analyst – Galleria – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com


• Negotiates and procures banking services and assists in the design and implementation of cash management structures.
• Facilitates and coordinates domestic and international banking and risk management projects to improve cost of banking and operational efficiencies of cash and risk management processes.
• Manages cash management relationships with banks and other financial institutions.
• Maintains banking systems and bank account documents.
• Invests excess cash and initiates borrowings as needed (primary backup to Treasury Analyst).
• Responsible for financial analysis which includes evaluating business unit / project cash flows, cash forecasting, accounting and tax issues.
• Coordinates, schedules and reports Quarterly Dividend Payment dates.
• Responsible for the presentation and periodic reporting to management as needed.


Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting or Finance.
A minimum of 5 years experience in finance, treasury or financial analysis with CTP certification..MBA a HUGE plus! 
Foreign Currency Exchange experience a MUST! 
Experience with investments, banking and payment systems, currency / commodity trades. 

Treasury Analyst – Galleria – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

The Treasury Analyst is responsible for coordinating and monitoring all cash activities and facilitating investment decisions, as well as processing payments, etc. for entry in the general ledger. This position is also responsible for the preparation and distribution of reports for cash and treasury operations.

Why work here?

  • The opportunity to enter the O&G industry at a pivotal time in the industry
  • Rotational options after 2 years including FP&A, Corporate Accounting or other areas
  • Great benefits including 401k match & bonuses
  • Half-day Fridays
  • Little Overtime
  • Strong leadership at the management level


  • 1-3 years of relevant experience (Audit/Accounting/Finance)
  • Treasury experience preferred but not required
  • “Rockstar” personality – Growth oriented


  • Determine daily cash positions for the organization
  • Provide analysis for daily cash position and short term investments; and accurately upload/ input wire transfers as needed
  • Interface and communicate with outside banks, maintain bank account accuracy, and support bank restructurings
  • Analyze bank fees and identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Recommend improvements to policies and procedures as they relate to Treasury and Corporate Finance for cash management
  • Ensure accuracy of daily payment file uploads and interface with AP and IT when errors occur

Education, Training, Licenses and/or Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university (in Accounting or Finance) required
  • Masters or advanced degree (in Accounting or Finance) preferred
  • CPA or CTP preferred

HOW TO THINK QUICKLY IN INTERVIEWS via www.interviewexpertacademy.com

Have you ever felt that you can’t think of an answer to an interview question quick enough? Have you ever thought when you’ve left an interview that ‘I wish I’d said that?’

Think Quickly

You’re not alone. It happens to all of us. Me included on many occasions.

‘How can I think of an answer quickly in interviews?’ is a question I get asked a lot.

Think Quickly

We’re faced with a question and suddenly we freeze. What seems so simple to answer becomes the most difficult question on the planet.

Our brain just can’t think quickly enough. We get stressed. We start to ‘um’ and ‘er’. The length of time it takes feels like an eternity.

After the interview we kick ourselves. Of course we knew the answer, but for some reason we just couldn’t when we needed to.

You are not alone in feeling this way. Why does it happen? It comes down to two reasons:

  • Nervous and or
  • Unprepared

One is acceptable (nerves) and the other is not (unprepared).

3 Steps to Thinking Quickly

There are three ways to help yourself:

1. Being Prepared

Many interviewers ask the same questions. By knowing what the most popular questions are, you can prepare your answers, in advance. Once you’ve prepared your answers rehearse them.

A tip that I learnt years ago was to stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself as you practice them aloud. You will see how you come across (Body Language). And you’ll also hear yourself answering the question. It’s a great way of getting it engrained in your brain.

Then when you’re in an interview, you’ll able to quickly recall the answer to that question. This will reduce the amount of time you need to think.

It will help you come across as being prepared, knowing yourself and being more engaged.

2. Ask for Clarification

Sometimes an Interviewer will ask you a question that you don’t quite understand or expect. If you are in doubt, ask for clarification.

This allows you to have a few moments to think of an answer, if you’ve not prepared for that question.

3. Brain to Paper

Another option is to use paper. The physical act of writing something down can take away the nerves. It helps your brain come up with an answer quicker than if you just think about it.  When it happens write down three things (examples, references) that will help you answer the question. I find this approach very useful.

Remember it’s ok to be nervous.  Just make sure it’s genuine and not due to being unprepared. You can never be too prepared. The more prepared you are, the better you’ll come across.

Want to learn more about handling Interview nerves? Read my recent article ‘How to Handle Interview Nerves’

QUESTION: What can you do to be better prepared?




Entry Level Accountant – SW Houston – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

Our publicly traded client is adding to their team due to growth. We are searching for 2016 or May 2017 Accounting graduates for this amazing opportunity. The ideal candidate should have 6 months to 1 years of experience (internships will work too!) If you are eager to get your career started with a company who believes in promoting from within and is more than willing to train, please email me your resume!!!!



SEC Reporting Director – Houston – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

External Reporting Director | $2B Company | 

Our client is a publicly-traded  manufacturing company who is a leader in their specialty seeking a Financial Reporting Director. They are in growth/acquisition mode and there will be five individuals reporting up to this position.

Why work here?

  • Company growth (internal & acquisition based)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Exposure to C-suite & Upper management
  • Great medical benefits through Cigna
  • Full benefits including safe-harbor 401K match of 4%


  • Compliance with GAAP/SEC requirements
  • Maintain and implement financial reporting/internal control requirements
  • Review and approve earnings release date
  • Prepare Audit Committee presentations

Preferred Experience:

  • CPA
  • Public Accounting experience (Big 4)
  • Industry (direct) 10K & 10Q preparation
  • 10+ years of experience


Key Economic Indicator – Employment – Greater Houston Partnership

April 21, 2017
The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area created 13,300 jobs in March and 30,900 jobs over the previous 12 months, according to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

The monthly job gain was above the 25-year average of 12,700 jobs added for a March and the 12-month growth is the largest since September ’15. Houston’s total nonfarm employment now stands at 3,023,400.

The top growth sectors were those driven by population growth: government (primarily public education), leisure and hospitality, and health care. Government added 1,300 jobs in March ’17 and 14,300 in the 12-months ending March ’17.

Leisure and hospitality added 4,200 over the month and 9,400 over the 12-month period. Health services and private education grew by 1,200 jobs in March and 11,400 over the previous 12 months. These sectors were supported by the 125,005 residents added to the region in ’16, about one new Houstonian every four minutes.

The sector posting the largest decline was trade, transportation, utilities, shedding 3,000 jobs in March and 6,200 jobs over the prior 12 months. Several industries, primarily energy-related, reported gains in March ’17 but losses over the 12-months ending March ’17, reflecting the slow recovery in the energy industry. Mining and logging (i.e., upstream energy) added 600 jobs in March ’17 but lost 4,400 jobs in the 12 months ending March ’17.

Durable goods manufacturing, which includes mining machinery, gained 2,200 jobs over the month but lost 1,000 jobs over the year.

Architectural, engineering and related services added 700 jobs in March but shed 3,900 jobs over the previous 12 months.

Houston’s March unemployment rate was 5.7 percent, down from 5.9 percent in February but up from 4.9 percent in March ’16. Texas’ unemployment rate was 5.0 percent in March, down from 5.1 percent in February but up from 4.5 percent in March ’16.

The U.S. rate was 4.6 percent in March, down from 4.9 percent in February and from 5.1 percent in March ’16. The rates are not seasonally adjusted.

Senior Internal Auditor – Rotational Program – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com


With succession planning in the forefront, our client is recruiting Big 4 external auditors for a multi-year leadership rotational program, which will prepare the associate for consideration for a senior level leadership position.

The rotational program provides intensive field-based training in communication, leadership, finance, sales and operations, enabling the associate to apply these skills in critical roles throughout the company as they begin a career with the company. The program also provides access to an instant peer group and networking opportunities to help the associate learn and grow within the organization. The associate will learn directly from company leaders. Through training and real-life assignments the associate will gain the technical skills and leadership knowledge they will need to run their own part of the business.

Position Summary:

Our client seeks a bright, motivated, detail-oriented audit professional for an Internal Auditor position in their Houston, TX office. This position will report to the Audit Manager and the Audit Director based in Houston, TX and will be part of the audit team responsible for the company’s US-based corporate functions. This position provides excellent international work experience and requires travel to top domestic destinations with some international and local area travel as well.


  • Participate in multiple and simultaneous risk-based audits, while maintaining departmental quality standards.
  • Effectively complete audit planning, fieldwork and reporting for financial, operational, integrated and system reviews, both domestically and internationally.
  • Assist in preparing audit reports that accurately summarize the most significant control weaknesses and resulting impacts to the organization.
  • Assist management and audit team members through all phases of audit engagement execution, as requested.
  • Represent Corporate Audit on company initiatives and special projects, including SOX compliance.
  • Contribute to internal department initiatives, such as training, departmental development and other internal projects, as requested.
  • Understand the company organization and develop relationships to provide value-added solutions and best-practices.


  • Must have a minimum of 3 to 4  years progressive audit experience in a Big 4 or renowned regional public accounting firm and/or internal audit department.
  • CPA or CIA is preferred;
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting/finance/business is required.
  • Exposure to Sarbanes-Oxley.


#internalaudit #SOX #oilandgas #job #jobs #hiringnow

Spanish Speaking Bookkeeper – Galleria Area – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

Accountant | Small Company | Up to 45K | Benefits included after probation period

Our client is a small, family company who specializes in the construction & design of custom homes up to one million dollars. They were founded by a husband and wife who lead the design process of their projects. The position will primarily handle the day to day bookkeeping using QuickBooks software.

Why work here?

  • Convenient location (Galleria area)
  • Rapid growth & stability
  • Family environment
  • Flexible schedules/work hours
  • Minimal overtime required
  • Full benefits


  • Data Entry
  • Weekly payroll (including time sheets for contractors)
  • Billing
  • Answering calls
  • Support with scheduling & meetings
  • Client interaction

Preferred Experience:

  • QuickBooks
  • Business Degree
  • MS Office experience
  • Bilingual


#bookkeeper #Quickbooks

Financial Reporting Manager – Houston – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com


  • Prepares SEC quarterly and annual financial statements with related disclosure requirements (including XBRL).
  • Prepares other Financial Statements with related disclosure requirements (including UK annual report in IFRS).
  • Researches technical accounting and disclosure issues.
  • Manages the accounting for equity based compensation.
  • Prepares or reviews various items as support to our filings.
  • Ensures that all documentation complies with the company’s regulations and professional standards.


  • Bachelors in Accounting
  • Public Accounting
  • At least 5 years of SEC reporting experience.
  • CPA required




Accounting & Finance Openings – 4/13/2017

A shortlist of some of the jobs we are trying to fill! dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

  • Controller – 300M Private – West Houston
  • Controller – 70M Private – North Houston
  • Accountant / Bookkeeper – Construction – Galleria
  • Spanish Speaking Payroll Specialist – Memorial City Mall area
  • Crude Oil Accountant – West
  • Fixed Asset Accountant – West
  • Internal Financial Reporting Mgr. – E&P – Galleria
  • Finance Manager – Pasadena – Modeling, Costing
  • Controller – Public – 500M
  • SEC Accounting Supervisor – West
  • SEC Reporting Manager – Galleria
  • Senior Financial Analyst – PE backed – Heights
  • Accounting Supervisor – Contract 6  months – SW Houston
  • Senior IT Auditor – NW Houston
  • Senior Accounting Analyst – Sugar Land
  • Senior Auditor – NW – 50% travel
  • Senior Auditor – DT – 35% travel
  • ONRR / Revenue Accountant – North Houston
  • Nonprofit Director of Treasury – DT
  • Financial Reporting Supervisor (need Big 4 Senior) – NW
  • Internal Controls Manager – West
  • Technical Accounting Manager – West



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Senior Financial Analyst – Houston – dlemaire@cfstaffing.com

Would you like to be the right hand person to the CFO? Would you like the opportunity to work with a Private Equity portfolio company that is in acquisition mode? Do you have significant financial analysis; modeling and presentation experience? If you answered YES! to all of these questions please contact me at dlemaire@cfstaffing.com!

This company is located close to the Heights! 

Senior Financial Analyst

We are looking for an MBA with great communication and analytical skills! 

 Perform multi-level analysis of locations from various perspectives such as geographic location, sales volume, profitability to highlight trends, risks, and opportunities.
 Prepare analysis on various P&L and cash components, such as operating expenses and capital expenditures. Participate in the process and management of the capital process.
 Research variances from forecast in weekly/monthly/quarterly results working with various departments to determine if trends warrant changes to forecast.
 Participate in the monthly management reporting processes, supporting managers in the completion of reporting and variance analysis. Maintain and improve format and flexibility of reporting efficiencies.
 Participate in the preparation of annual plans for Store and Field Administration expenses including general & administrative and other operating expenses.
 Assist in the budget and forecast process. Forecast future revenue and expenditures to establish cost structures. Maintain budget and forecast information in the accounting system.
 Evaluate profit and cost efficiencies in various areas of the organization as needed.
 Develop, maintain and distribute ad hoc reports and financial models as needed.
 Identify trends in financial performance and provide suggestions for improvement.

Salary: 100 to 125K DOE


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