Employment update from Greater Houston Partnership

July 24, 2018

Click to access Employment_Update.pdf

For the 12 months ending June ’18, metro Houston created 94,600 jobs, a 3.1 percent
increase. That reflects a significant jump from the 81,200 jobs created in the 12 months
ending May ’18.

On a 12-month basis (which removes seasonality and some noise from the data), three
sectors account for the bulk of the region’s net gains: administrative and support and
waste management and remediation services; construction and retail.

Administrative and support and waste management and remediation added 24,700
jobs, or 26.1 percent of the region’s total. This sector includes office administrative and facility support services provided on a contract basis, as well as employment, security, janitorial and landscaping services.

The construction sector added 19,300 jobs, or 20.4 percent of the 12-month total. The
bulk of these jobs (14,200) fall into the “construction of buildings” subcategory, which
presumably includes repair work for Hurricane Harvey.

Though department, clothing, general merchandise, auto parts stores and auto dealers
reported jobs losses, the overall retail trend has been positive, with the sector adding
9,100 jobs, or 9.6 percent of region’s total, in the 12-months ending June ’18.

Over the past 12 months, oil and gas exploration has shed 1,900 jobs, information 1,300
jobs, and other services 1,000 jobs. Information includes publishing,
telecommunications, and broadcast media. Other services include repair shops, barber
and beauty shops, and member organizations.

Houston’s unemployment rate was 4.6 percent in June, up from 4.2 percent in May and down from 5.1 percent in June ’17. Houston’s unemployment rate always ticks up in June as educators out of school for the summer holidays and students home from
college seek employment. The rate typically starts to fall again in August as educators
and college students return to their campuses.

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