Q3 2018 Newsletter for Accounting & Finance Professionals from Diane Delgado LeMaire

Industry News and Updates – Q3 2018:

I can’t believe we are already half way through 2018. It has been a very busy year for CFS nationally and we continue to gain momentum locally as well. Keep in mind that Houston tends to lag a bit behind the national economy. According to the GHP, Houston has added 79,200 jobs in the past 12 months. Furthermore, growth has continued in a wide variety of sectors, but the largest spikes have been in Manufacturing and Construction. Employment services are also up over 20%. It is not uncommon to see a surge in use of temporary solutions when the economy turns. It is less risky and much quicker to bring in temporary talent. With that being said, we are also starting to see more and more hiring in the Exploration & Production industry and that is a great sign for Houston! I remain very optimistic about Houston and the job market for the remainder of the year and well into 2019!

Please forward this on to anyone in your network who may be interested and let them know I can add them to this distribution list. This newsletter comes out quarterly, so I promise not clog up your inbox. Stay tuned for my next newsletter.

Local Statistics:

  • National Unemployment Rate: 3.8 (last year 4.1)
  • Houston Unemployment Rate: 4.2 (last year 4.8)
  • Labor Participation Rate: 62.9% (last year 62.8%)
  • 67.3% Highest / 51.10% Lowest
  • Manufacturing Index: 55.6 (last year 5.2)
  • Oil Rig Count: 1055 (last year 935)
  • Price of Oil: $67.77 (last year $45.61)

Job Search Resources:

• Resume Advice: https://dianedelgadolemaire.com/resume-advice/

• Certification List: https://dianedelgadolemaire.com/certification-list/

• Interview Preparation Checklist: https://dianedelgadolemaire.com/short-interview-preparation-checklist/

• Top Interview Questions: http://files.constantcontact.com/d2f7422c101/674fde67-74b2-401a-80e6-4b31c7cb1a5f.pdf

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