If you have toyed with the idea of LEAVING the world of restaurant, retail or hospitality to pursue a career in a CORPORATE environment, we may have an incredible solution.

Our non-restaurant/retail industry utilizes almost every trait you’ve developed as a high performance restaurant, hospitality or retail manager. Only now, you become a part of corporate rather than serving corporate.

You’ll need:
• Strong people ‘reading’ skills
• Ability to communicate with executives
• High energy level
• Negotiation skills

We are one of the fastest growing industries in North America. Our industry is in massive demand. Our management team has an unmatched commitment to training and development.

• A corporate sales culture
• A second year 80K upside
• No more weekends, late nights or holiday hours

Don’t send us a resume, yet. We’re not as interested in what you have done as we are in what you want to do. Send an email telling us 3 things:
1. What you believe you are capable of.
2. The strongest natural talent you have.
3. How we can reach you.

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