Senior Internal Auditor – Woodlands –

Why Work Here?

  • An excellent opportunity to help build up a team
  • An opportunity to learn A LOT
  • Excellent Company location! Live and work in The Woodlands

Position Summary

  • This position is responsible for planning and performing internal audits designed to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, determine compliance with policies and procedures, and ensure compliance with the company’s SOX compliance program. 
  • Audit team consists of 7.


  • Must have experience in the Engineering & Construction industry- whether within internal audit, engineering, project controls, or operations.
  • Degree: Flexible; Accounting OR engineering or Construction Management;
  • In-depth knowledge of SOX compliance
  • Must be able to work alongside and communicate effectively with management; Looking for a problem solver, not someone with a “gotcha” mentality.
  • Travel 25-30% domestic; About 1-2 weeks of travel to projects per quarter.

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