Hurricane Harvey – List of Assistance & Volunteer Opportunities

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I am trying to collect websites I see online in hopes they can help my followers. I will continue to update this list. Please share comments if you know of additional resources and I will continue to add them.  #houstonstrong

  1. FEMA website to apply for assistance  = FEMA
  2. Registering online at, is the quickest way to register for FEMA assistance since this event has lasted several days and the full scope of damages may not be evident right now. If you are unable to access the internet, you can also call at 1-800-621-FEMA (3362).
  3. Visit the FEMA Social HUB for updates from official emergency management social media accounts.
  4. Download the FEMA Mobile App to receive alerts from the National Weather Service, get safety and survival tips, customize your emergency checklist, find your local shelter, and upload your disaster photos to help first responders.
  5. Harris County – Resource List
  6. Brazoria County – Resource List
  7. Galveston County – Resource List
  8. Fort Bend County – Resource List
  9. Montgomery County – Resource List
  10. Red Cross Shelters – Locations
  11. To help people affected by the storm –
  12. To apply for disaster unemployment insurance:
  13. Another way to help:
  14. United Way:
  15. JJ Watt’s Fundraiser:
  16. If you need groceries or have some to donate: Houston Food Bank:
  17. If you want to help rebuild Texas:
  18. Don’t forget all the animals!
  19. Navigating the streets:

Here is another list with links:


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