41 REASONS WHY CANDIDATES FAIL AT INTERVIEW Posted by Interview Experts Academy


You meet all sorts of people at interviews. All walks of life. Some candidates are great, some are good and many are poor at performing at interviews. More often that not candidates fail.

Sometimes it’s the basic things that candidates don’t get right. Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. The things that we don’t realise we do. These can have a significant impact on how others see or judge us. Whatever it is, it can mean the difference between success and failure. That might sound ridiculous, but it’s surprising what candidates do or don’t do in interviews.

I’ve pulled together a 41 reasons why candidates fail at interviews. Many of these are from my own experience (number 41 is my favourite and shocked me).  Others are from interviewers who’ve said to me, ‘You’ll never guess what that interviewee just did?’

Enjoy reading the list. Laugh at some of them. But please make sure you avoid them and don’t add to the list. Don’t fail at interviews!

41 Reasons Why Candidates Fail

  1. Poor preparation
  2. Displaying a negative attitude or generally being negative
  3. No enthusiasm for the company or the role
  4. Being dishonest
  5. Vague or uninteresting interview answers
  6. Arriving late
  7. Arriving too early
  8. Being rude to the receptionist
  9. Smelling like a cigarette
  10. Dressed inappropriately
  11. Wearing sunglasses
  12. Keeping a scarf on during the interview
  13. Wearing too much perfume or aftershave
  14. Shaking hands too weakly or too strong
  15. Complaining that you were kept waiting for the interview
  16. Sitting in a too relaxed or aggressive manner
  17. Chewing gum, a pen or playing with your hair
  18. Forgetting or mispronouncing the name of the interviewer
  19. Forgetting what is written on your CV/Resume
  20. Being unprepared for the standard interview questions
  21. Lying about your skills, experience, knowledge and qualifications
  22. Being rude or uncomplimentary about your previous company or boss
  23. Sharing too much personal information
  24. Failing to explain how your skills match the job in question
  25. Interrupting the interviewer
  26. Asking too many questions or irrelevant questions
  27. Not asking good questions
  28. Yawning
  29. Not making eye contact or making too much
  30. Getting angry or defensive
  31. Using phrases like “you know”
  32. Laughing at inappropriate moments
  33. Sounding desperate or overeager
  34. Checking the time
  35. Asking about the salary too early
  36. Having poor manners
  37. Being overconfident
  38. Not building rapport
  39. Not listening to the interviewer’s questions
  40. Inappropriate photos or comments on social media
  41. Keeping a tissue for cleaning your glasses in your bra

Is there anything bizarre that’s happened to you or you’ve done in an interview?

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