6 Out-of-the-Ordinary Places to Look for Job Leads Written by Alan Carniol


Tuesday, 04 April 2017 01:33

6 Out of the Ordinary Places to Look for Job Leads

With the power of the Internet and various social media platforms, recruiters are trying new things to scout their next recruit. Most applicants are being lured with creative job postings in several places other than job boards.

Candidates today are more selective when it comes to looking for a job, and more recruiters are trying to showcase their company culture by posting through different social media platforms.

Here are some tips on where to find alternative job postings:

Company’s Career Page

This is where you can find job postings together with info on work culture. You can look for links to company social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These sites are a goldmine.


You can search hashtags on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest using a job title or any job openings you may be interested in. You may have to search through a lot of different jobs, but you’ll quickly see how companies use social media to promote job openings.


Did you know that companies also use Pinterest to attract potential candidates? You can look for pinboards listing career opportunities and find out if any of the companies you are interested in working for are using this platform.


Check if companies are using Instagram—Some keep their accounts active by posting career news to lure applicants. Who says Instagram isn’t useful when it comes to your career?


This is a great tool to look for job announcements. Some of your friends or colleagues may be sharing a job posting or a company page highlighting a new opportunity. Make use of Facebook groups, too—It’s an effective way for recruiters to look for applicants.


This site also serves as an alternative to job boards; however—be careful not to share any personal information such as your address or social security numbers online. Don’t forget to check the background of the company and the people you are talking with.

These are just some of the social media platforms where you can look for your next job. You can use them to connect to people working for the companies you’re interested in, and potentially be notified of any job openings. Of course, referrals can increase your chances of getting interviewed. Use the Internet to grow your network as you start your journey to career success.

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