Technical Accounting Manger – West Houston –


This position is responsible for completing complex and technical financial analysis and interpretation and documentation of financials. This includes handling most accounting problems with minimum assistance. Obtains information from and coordinates the flow of information with other departments to resolve complex accounting problems. Technical input is used in developing accounting policies and practices.

Minimum Qualifications:

College Degree (Bachelor’s Level) in Accounting, Finance, Economics.

  • Prioritize work when given multiple projects.
  • Current CPA license required.


  1. Assist representatives leading discussions and/or participating in deal structuring early and upfront to assure correct awareness and application of GAAP effects including effects on architecture of ownership structure and effective operational control.
  1. Manages closure of principles-related issues as originated by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, the Corporate Controller, and internal and independent auditors.
  1. Monitor industry reference sources of breaking compliance and restatement risk issues.
  1. Directs, controls, and administers formal Corporate accounting policy and procedure intranet.
  1. Leads staff training and development with regard to the most challenging technical accounting topics and current issues, including development of a formal recap of current developments specifically pertinent to company.


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