PE Portfolio Company Manufacturing CFO – Houston –

As a part of our executive management team, the CFO will have input on strategic decisions, such as budgeting, pricing, acquisition and new market initiatives, and major capital projects.  This will include oversight of administration throughout the organization including insurance, IT and HR. 

Position Objectives:

  • Improve financial reporting, costing, and analysis to support strategic decision making
  • Lead the creation of new business plans regarding additional facilities, acquisitions, and new product line profitability
  • Manage controllers at each operating entity to ensure detailed and accurate revenue tracking and cost accounting
  • Leading the integration and growth of HR, IT, and risk management
  • Manage relationships with banks and investors including financial reporting, borrowing base calculation, cash flow monitoring, and covenant tracking


  • CFO or Controller experience managing accounting, FP&A, and/or other strategic and leadership responsibilities
  • Desire and ability to take a leadership role in a dynamic and growing organization
  • 10+ years of accounting or finance experience
  • Interest in diverse areas, from system and software technology to human resources
  • CPA, or equivalent experience, is a benefit but not a requirement

Reporting:  Reports to and will work closely with the CEO and the companies’ founders

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