ATTN: Public Accounting Auditors! Have you considered a career in Recruiting?

Attn: Auditors! Have you considered a career in Recruiting?

Many of the top Recruiters at CFS started their careers in public accounting but grew tired of the number crunching, busy season hours, and lack of recognition and compensation for all their hard work.

If you are most motivated by the client interaction that you have in public, then you may also be someone who would excel in the Recruiting profession. As a Professional Recruiter, you will:

-Develop client relationships with Hiring Managers across all industries
-Recruit Accounting & Finance professionals for opportunities
-Consult with both candidates and clients through the interview and offer process
-Provide consultative feedback to your clients to assist with the recruiting and hiring process
-Provide consultative job search and interview advice to the candidates you represent

And, the best part is that you are paid directly on your performance.

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Senior Managing Director, Executive Search & Branch Manager | Creative Financial Staffing (CFS)
5718 Westheimer Suite 800, Houston, Texas 77057
T: 713.490.6003| C: 713.594.4486 | | |

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