Payroll Manager – Galleria –

1. Supervise payroll staff, including payroll supervisor and payroll specialists
a. Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.
b. Maintains payroll staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
c. Maintains payroll staff job results by counseling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results

2. Manage regular preparation of relevant management reports, including semi- monthly, monthly, quarterly and year-end reports (gross payroll, hours worked, vacation accrual, tax deductions, benefit deductions, etc.)
3. Furnish, revise, and update internal and external reports as necessary.
4. Maintains payroll policies, procedures, processes, and related internal controls.
5. Communicate actively with Accounting, HR and Administration to
review cross-departmental impacts and reconcile data sharing
a. Audit payroll balance sheets accounts, YTD earnings, etc.
b. Assists with closing of monthly and annual accounting periods.
c. Review and analyze allocations and adjusting journal entries resulting
from payroll transactions.
6. Partner with HR and benefits in aligning and implementing a more sophisticated payroll and benefits system
a. Ensure systems are set-up and updated to reflect our current employee base, including wages, benefits, sick and vacation time annually
b. Critically review and analyze current payroll, benefits and tax procedures in order to recommend and implement changes leading to best-practice operations

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