Big or Small – 5 Steps to Reaching Your Goals Written By Debbie Dickerson

Big or Small – 5 Steps to Reaching Your Goals
June 19, 2014

We live in a “must have bigger, shinier, better than” type of society. There is a misconception that goals have to be big, have to make you a ton of money, and have to be approved by others! Personal goals are exactly that, personal. Little goals achieved are much more productive than big ones never reached! I work with people that desire many personal/career growths. Their goals range from building confidence and self worth, finding their passion, reaching/exceeding their career goals, living a positive life, becoming a more effective leader, increasing their sales, and many more. Some goals are very big and some are very small, however, they are all personal goals and crucial to each of them.

No matter the size of your goal, there is a method to reaching and exceeding it. I am writing this from absolute experience. This is made up of massive amounts of trial and errors on my part. After many failures of reaching set goals, I realized that simply writing a goal down and wishing really hard, did not produce results. I actually had to act upon it! Not only did I have to act upon it, I had to repeatedly act upon it. I tried to avoid this at all costs but oddly enough, the results ended up the same. The good news is that I removed my head from my butt and became proactive in reaching/exceeding my set goals! I would like to share with you a plan that was already discovered by many others, but how I made it work for me and may work for you as well.

1. Set your goal – Decide on your actual goal. Start off as large as you want and then begin to break it down until you find your goal. An example is “Be financially secure.” Break it down to its smallest form and realize the first step to your goal. Maybe it is only eating out once a week, or applying for the promotion at your work. Whatever the first step to achieving your big goal, becomes your set goal for now. Once you achieve that, move to the next step.

2. Make a plan – This is your attack plan. A plan in no way shape or form has to be in any specified format. It is your plan, make it work for you. I am a simple type of person so when I make an attack plan, I keep it to 5 steps max. Once I tackle the first 5, if needed I add another 5. This is very effective for me, however, you need to adjust yours until it works for you. The only time it will be wrong is if you quit. Other than that, keep adjusting.

3. Get to work! – Today is the perfect day to begin your journey to reaching your goal. You have set your goal and made a plan. Right now you have a piece of paper and a dream. The only way to move forward from here is to take action. Again, it is up to you how much action you want to take. Start at #1 of your plan and once complete, move to #2 and so on. A mistake I have made in the past was to do #1, hop to #3, dabble with #4, and bypass #5. My advice is to stick to your order as much as possible. Once each is completed, it will naturally lead you to the next. Nobody else can determine at what speed you need to be working. This is your goal, not theirs! The important part is that you are moving in a forward motion at all times! Do the work, reap the benefits!

4. Stick to it – This is the make or break one! Sticking to it will separate you from the triers and the doers. Keep in mind, if your goal was easy it would not have to be a goal. It takes effort, every single day! There will be days that you want to throw your hands up and quit. That would be easy, regretful, but easy. These are the days you find out what you are made of. How important is this goal to you? If you truly want to reach it, you will find the way to keep going! (You can contact me, I will give you encouragement!)

5. Reach Goal – YOU DID IT! Now it is time to exceed this goal. Enjoy and be proud of yourself, then find at least one way you can improve this goal immediately! Superstars are not made from doing the average. If you reached this goal, I bet you can exceed it way further than you ever thought!
Always remember, this is your journey, nobody else’s. Enjoy, and learn every single step of the way. When something works for you, share it with somebody else that is struggling. 

Debbie Dickerson



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