Senior Cost Accountant / Analyst – West Houston – 40 hour work week!!!!

High growth company located on the west side of Houston is looking for a Senior Cost Accountant / Analyst for their team. This person would report directly to the Controller, but would interact heavily with plant managers. The ideal person will be able to work independently and take on new responsibilities as the companies continues to grow (growth plans: double in next 5 years). 

Some of the Key Responsibilities include: 
1. Inventory transaction processing o Purchase receipts
o Transfers between warehouses
o Physical inventory counts

2. Set up new item codes on the business system

3. Perform regular cycle counts of key inventory items

4. Prepare periodic surplus reserve review

5. Prepare journal entries for inventory o Sales/purchase accruals
o Adjust inventory reserves as appropriate
• Surplus
• Quantitative
• Obsolescence, if necessary o Reconciling corrections

6. Prepare monthly analysis of the inventory clearing account

7. Comparison and reconciliation to Production’s inventory listing Monthly

8. Reconciliation of the inventory sub-ledger to the general ledger.

9. Cost analysis for Production

10. Comparison and reconciliation of inventory records to 3rd party warehouses.

11. Coordinate the activities of the periodic physical inventory counts. Semi-annual, depending upon overall accuracy of inventory.

3 thoughts on “Senior Cost Accountant / Analyst – West Houston – 40 hour work week!!!!

  1. I am interested in the position and would really like to speak with you about the position. Thanks. Robyn

      •  Per your request.






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