Treasury Director – Houston –


Oversee treasury function. Manage a team of three. Directs staff responsible for daily cash and investment management, depository banking services, bank and rating agency relations, mitigating credit and financial risk exposures, and strategies to optimize liquidity.


  • Manage debt portfolio, including approving debt covenant compliance, continuing disclosures, and reporting
  • Negotiate and execute short-term and long-term financing transactions, including interface with bond counsel, financial advisors, and underwriters.
  • Collaborate with internal departments to execute financing strategies and action plans to deliver a 5-year capital improvement plan, plus special projects.
  • Provide oversight for the investment portfolio, interfacing with advisors regarding investment strategy, approving transactions recommended by staff, and ensuring compliance.
  • Foster relations with commercial and investment banks, and rating agencies.
  • Collaborate with Accounting, Financial Planning and other departments and stakeholders to ensure proper execution, documentation, and accounting of all debt financings, derivatives and investment activity
  • Monitor interest rates and other relevant market conditions and alert management to potential issues affecting debt ratings
  • Work with management, the trustees and outside consultants in the daily administration of the Pension Plan, 401 Defined Contribution Plan, and the Trust
  • Manage counterparty risk and financial exposures in letters of credit.
  • Create and maintain complex financial models (e.g., IRR, discounted cash flow, etc.) as necessary for analysis and evaluation of corporate finance and capital structure issues


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Finance or related major
  • Master’s degree or MBA preferred
  • 5+ years of related financial and treasury experience required
  • Previous supervisory or executive experience preferred
  • Knowledge of debt portfolio analysis and management
  • Knowledge of investment management, pension, and benefit finance
  • Knowledge of depository banking services
  • Knowledge of bank and rating agency relations
  • Knowledge of capital market execution

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