Accounts Receivable Staff – Professional Services – Downtown –


  • Logging on to bank and print Lockbox Deposits and ACH credits.
  • Download Images from Bank for ACH, and processing to Image Connect.
  • Processing Lockbox Batches and preparing Auto Credits
  • Process Write-Offs weekly.
  • Client Clearing Account Reconciliations
  • Receiving, Reading & Responding to e-mails, making notes of special items and requests.
  • Lead responsible for filing and offsite storage for A/R deposits.
  • Prepare & key daily-in house deposits and back-up before preparing, and sending.
  • Deposit to the bank; notify courier of cashiers checks
  • Assist with reconciliation of online banking report
  • Monthly A/R meetings to discuss department issues.
  • All deposits must be completed by the end of the last working day of the year.
  • Performs additional assignments as requested by the Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor.


  • Two to three years of on the job experience in a business or accounting environment.
  • Ability to perform daily operational duties with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and written; internally and externally.
  • Ability to use independent judgment and to manage and impart confidential information; self-starter.

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