Employment Update via GHP

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Metro Houston created 101,800 jobs, a 3.4 percent increase, in the 12 months ending
July ’18. That’s the strongest 12-month pace since February ’15 when the economy,
though entering a downturn, had momentum from the four previous years of frenetic

A few items of note:
• The construction sector has added 25,500 jobs over the past 12 months, an 11.9
percent increase. Much of the growth is due to Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.
• Administrative and support services, (i.e., contract workers, security guards,
janitorial, landscaping, office support), added 22,400 jobs, a 10.8 percent increase.
The sector is benefiting from industry’s relying more heavily on contract workers.
• Professional, scientific, and tech services added 17,600 jobs, an 8.0 percent bump.
The sector, which includes law, accounting, engineering, computer systems, and
business services, is benefitting from the overall pick up in business activity.
’14 Apr Jul Oct ’15 Apr Jul Oct ’16 Apr Jul Oct ’17 Apr Jul Oct ’18 Apr Jul
Jobs, 000s
Source: Texas Workforce Commission
Houston MSA Nonfarm Payroll Employment
Greater Houston Partnership Research Updated August 17, 2018
• Wholesale and retail trade have combined to add 13,000 jobs since July ’17, a 2.7
percent increase. One in every 6.4 workers in the region is employed in one of these
two sectors. Whole trade is benefitting from an increase in foreign trade and local
manufacturing activity, especially the production of oil field equipment. Retail trade
is benefiting from the resurgent economy and growing consumer confidence.



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