Nonprofit – VP HR

Our centrally located, nonprofit client, is looking for a new member of their executive team. The VP of HR is critical to the future growth of this organization. The ideal candidate must be interested in working for a mission driven organization. The VP of HR has 3 direct line manager reports.


1. Oversees all recruitment, training, hiring, termination and record keeping.
2. Benefits for all employees. This individual must become the expert on all plans and options that benefit organizations employees.
3. Worker’s Compensation and the health and safety program.
4. Oversees orientation/on boarding training for new employees.
5. Recruitment for all levels as needed by other departments throughout the organization as budgeted.
6. Strategic Vision and solutions to maintain and expand workforce of Goodwill as needed based on overall budget.
7. Address specifically the concept of creating a “manager training program.”
8. Internal employee communications to keep all employees updated on the company’s plans, visions and progress.
9. Works continuously with the President/CEO to revise and implement organizations policies and procedures.
10. Oversees compliance and employee relations.
11. Is the “keeper of records” for all employee data.
12. Manages the implementation and integration of technology through improved staffing and communications with employees.
13. Other duties as assigned by President/CEO


  • An undergraduate degree and experience in the field of Human Resources Management and employee relations.
  • Minimum of 15 plus year of HR experience; the more the better!
  • Extensive experience with labor law
  • This individual must be a team player that has a “can do” attitude and can deal with the day to day management  and assist in the strategic thinking process.

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