4 Ways to Impress the Hiring Manager Before You Walk Through the Door By Lia

Lets just add this simple one too: Look the managers background up on LinkedIn!


4 Ways to Impress the Hiring Manager Before You Walk Through the Door |

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How To Impress The Hiring Manager

So much of a job interview is affected by first impressions. From your very first handshake, the hiring manager has already made subconscious judgements about who you are by things like your face, your outfit, how you walk, and so much more.

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First impressions are very important when you are trying to impress a hiring manager but the truth is there are some things you can do before you even set foot in the door.  There are many small cues that hiring managers look for, even without realizing it, that affect how much they are impressed by you.

How to Impress a Hiring Manager Before You Walk In

Be On Time/Slightly Early

It should go without saying, but those that show up even a few minutes late, or those that need to call and ask for directions because they got lost are already making a poor first impression. You’ll want to make sure you’ve planned your route, gotten a head start, and ideally you show up at least 5 minutes before your interview’s scheduled time if you want to have any chance of impressing the hiring manager.

Prepare Your Online Presence

These days, nearly every single hiring manager is going to search for information about you via Google before your interview. If you have impressive items, like an excellent LinkedIn account, a personal website, professional social media accounts, and no negative information, you’ll be able to make a very positive impression on the hiring manager before you even meet them at the interview.

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Sending Supplementary Materials

For jobs that may have sample items, like a portfolio, links to research papers, etc., sending in these extra materials for review an hour or so before the interview shows that you’re excited for the position and ready to prove your worth. However, the caveat as always is that the materials have to be of a high enough quality to help you get the job. If you don’t have a great portfolio, there is no need to send anything extra.

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Obtaining Your Recommendations

If you have anyone you know that works for the company, or you have any people of status that are ready to recommend you for the role, you may want to consider having them contact the hiring manager beforehand. Hearing that people are willing to go out of their way to recommend you can make a great first impression on any hiring manager before you’ve walked through the door.

The job interview is still going to be the number one place for you to make an impression. But there are ways that you can impress a hiring manager even before you have stepped foot inside. Take these ideas into account before your job interview, and you may see your prospects improve as a result.

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