How to maximize LinkedIn for your job search

Tips for Using the LinkedIn platform:

If you haven’t yet updated your LinkedIn account with all the recent achievements and qualifications, then it is high time you do that. Moreover, to increase your visibility, you must take into consideration several pointers that are mentioned below –

1. Complete your profile: If you are keeping certain spaces in the LinkedIn account blank, then you are actually reducing your chances of visibility. You never know, which recruiter is looking for what skills. Therefore, it is very crucial that you complete your profile. Yes, it is a time consuming affair, but at the end it will reap you ripe fruits only. Hobbies are as important as other pieces of information. Use industry jargon and buzz words because the recruiters will look for candidates with the help of keywords. Therefore, the more complete your account is, the more your chances of getting noticed increases.


2. Enhance connections: You never know who will come up with a great offer for you, therefore keep on connecting and make more and more people aware of the fact that you are looking for a job.

3. Give a face to your name: It is very important to have a photo uploaded to your account. It is easier to connect to the accounts with an image. If there is no photo uploaded there, then it gets quite awkward to connect. Personalize your account with a photo.

4. Be a part of the group: There are several groups out there in LinkedIn. Join one, which you feel is related to your domain or your likings. This helps you in getting noticed by the people who matters and also enhance your connection. Make a good impact by answering some questions and also ask some thought provoking questions that will highlight you in the group. Don’t ask irrelevant questions just for the sake of asking.

5. Change the settings: When you visit someone else’s profile, they will be able to see that. Therefore, while you are paying a visit to a recruiter’s profile change the settings to invisible, so that they don’t get to see that you have visited them 10 times a day.

Maximizing your Job search utilizing LinkedIn:

In the age of digital networking, if you do not have an account on LinkedIn, then you are surely missing out a lot. Every professional should have their profile updated on LinkedIn. Drop in the relevant keywords in your account, so that when the recruiters are fishing for the right candidate they are able to catch you. If you are trying to maximize LinkedIn for the job search, then here are some tips that will help you –

1. Connect more and more: The key to maximize LinkedIn lies in enhancing your connections. The more your network grows, the better it is for you. Making connections don’t mean collecting names or contacts, but it is far more than that. You need to keep following them up and ask questions. You need to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. You have to ensure that all your contacts know you at the top of their head and not keep wondering who you are when they hear your name.


2. Conveying the message: Making your job search obvious can be quite tricky. If you do not have your current boss connected to your profile, then you can say that on your profile that you are looking for exciting offers. But, if you have your boss on-board, then you can just keep your profile complete, so that you are visible to the potential recruiters.

3. Perception of the number of contacts:When you have a huge line up of contacts, then it might seem that you are getting connected to almost anybody and everybody. But, if the names in your contact list boast of some big names and it is seen that you are in touch with them, then it will work in your favor. If you have a small number of connections, then also it will have a negative impact on you. It will show that you are not that interested in networking beyond your friends and people you know.

4. Active respondent: It is of no use of having an account that is sitting idle. Be an active member of groups and also take part in polls. When you are adding value to the discussion or poll answers, then you will surely be noticed by someone who has the potential to offer you something better.

5. Etiquette for requesting recommendations: Though there is no such pre- determined etiquettes that you can follow while asking for recommendations, but you can always ask them politely whether they can take out some time for you and write about your positive traits. You must always return the favor by writing the same about them as well.

6. Professional summary: This section is an important part of your account because this is the place where you can highlight yourself. Start with the heading and also don’t forget the industry. Recruiters mostly use this field for searching the right candidates. Make an impression right at the top with all the keywords and everything crafted properly.

7. Customizing URL: Instead of using the URL that is generated, you can customize the URL with your name. It will be much more appealing and easy to share. So, instead of using, you can use something that has your name like name. This will make you accessible even outside LinkedIn as well.

8. Options available: The contact settings have different options and it is one place through which you will be able to reach out to the recruiters. There are different options available to make the recruiters aware of the status. Therefore, you can either select consulting offers, career opportunities, new ventures or job reference requests.
If you follow the suggestions closely, then hopefully you will soon be rewarded with a handsome offer.


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