Cash Applications Specialist / Accounts Receivable –

Downtown Houston

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Logging on to bank and print Lockbox Deposits.
  • Processing Domestic Wires on Elite.
  • Processing Lockbox Batches and preparing Auto Credit Loads.
  • Process STALE write-offs weekly.
  • Receiving, Reading & Responding to e-mails.
  • Lead responsible for filing and offsite storage for A/R deposits.
  • When no payment data is provided communicate with client via vendor processing websites, calling, e-mailing billing, file worksite, and internet for information.
  • Prepare & key daily-in house deposits and back-up.
  • Preparing refunds for duplicate and over payments.
  • Reconcile JPMorgan access online report with system to confirm all debit/credits recorded, and at month end.
  • Process PosPay 3 times daily and notify Supervisor I Assistant Supervisor of any issues, work to rectify issues .
  • Monthly A/R meetings to discuss department issues.
  • Other projects and tasks as assigned by A/R and Billing Manager; A/R Supervisor.
  • Scanning monthly deposits and attach to file imaging.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to read, and write at a level normally acquired through completion of high school or equivalent; basic knowledge of accounting principles. 
  • Approximately two to three years of on the job experience in a business or accounting environment.
  • Strong aptitude in organizational skills, problem solving and research.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and written; internally and externally.
  • Must have intermediate excel & word skill level, accuracy, dependability, and detail oriented.

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