CFO – Private Equity Backed – Phoenix, AZ

Newly acquired company located in Phoenix, AZ. 100% private equity owned. Looking for experienced CFO with M&A, previous private equity, and manufacturing experience. 40M dollar company.

Base, Bonus & Equity!



Report to the CEO as well as the Board of Directors on financial and strategic matters. Assist the CEO and Board in evaluating and implementing strategic initiatives. Provide the Board with annual budgets and monthly reporting packages.Manage relations with financial institutions. The company will finance working capital primarily with asset-backed bank lines. Candidate should have substantial experience interfacing with banks and manage bank relations.

Manage relations with key suppliers seeking to control raw material costs. Also, work with trucking vendors to maximize on-time delivery as well as control delivery costs.

Report to the CEO with regards to various operational improvements and assist the CEO in tracking the performance of these initiatives in monthly reports. Report to the President (Head of Sales) on customer-facing initiatives and track performance through monthly reports.

Work with private equity firm in diligence of acquisition opportunities and oversee the consolidation of those opportunities post-close

Eventually, oversee 3-4 regional controllers throughout the country that manage different regional P&L’s and standardize reporting amongst each region

Oversee Information Technology, Procurement, and Human Resources

CFO would be viewed as a critical member of the senior management team and would participate in the equity of the Company through equity warrants linked to performance and shareholder value. Annual cash compensation would include base salary + performance-based bonus. Salary range can adjust commensurate with background and experience of the candidate.

Preferred Skill Set:

Prior experience (10+ years) as CFO of a lower-mid market company with $50MM to $300MM of revenue where the CFO had to take a hands-on/entrepreneurial approach and had oversight of all financial areas (accounting, treasury, monthly KPI reporting, audit, strategy, bank loan covenant reporting and managing bank relationship)

Prior experience in the manufacturing space with a cost accounting background and experience implementing operational improvements regarding production capacity and production efficiency. Experience managing trucking/delivery logistics also preferred.

Prior experience dealing with private equity or other financial sponsor-backed companies that require the CFO to prepare budgets, build financial models, and prepare detailed monthly board reporting packages.

Experience dealing with banks and other financial institutions with regards to loan logistics, loan documentation and letters of credit.

Must be able to manage a 3-5 person accounting team and develop daily and monthly reporting procedures.



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