7 Questions To Ask At Your Next Job Interview By Ben Rosen

What is the most important goal that needs to be accomplished in the first 60 days in this role?

Asking this question shows that you focus on the most essential tasks when working, and care about meeting targets – it also tells you what to focus your efforts on if you get the job.

What are some of the challenges that will face the person filling this position?

This shows that you face challenges head on, you don’t avoid them. It also tells you what challenges you will face if you get the role, which will help you perform well and achieve KPIs.

What are your company’s values?

Their answer will tell you whether this is a company that matches your values, and therefore whether you would enjoy working there or not. It may also give you an idea of whether the company just talks about their values, or actually lives by them. And of course asking this shows that you care about company values.

How would you describe your management style and company culture?

If your interviewer will become your boss, knowing his/her management style is very helpful; it tells you how to communicate and work under them. The culture the company has will affect your enjoyment of the role as much as the role itself, so it’s important to get a feel for it in the interview. Good company culture makes work life engaging, with possibilities for collaboration and growth. But working in a disempowering environment will make you want to leave the job.

Can you tell me what the team I’d be working with is like?

Sometimes a company’s culture can be less than perfect, but your team’s culture could still rock. Asking about the culture of your team tells you more specifically what kind of work environment you would be in.

Do you have any feedback for me, or hesitations to hiring me that I can address at this stage?

This question is brilliant because it’s gutsy. It shows you’re confident enough in your skills and abilities to discuss your vulnerabilities openly. It also show that you like to be coached, which is a very attractive trait to employers.

What is the next step now?

Only ask this if, based on their answers to your previous questions, you want to work at this company. If you do want the job, asking what the next step is is essential. It shows that you’re keen to be hired and want to know what happens next.

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