Fix Your Facebook Profile for Job Searching Written by Alan Carniol

Fix Your Facebook Profile for Job Searching

Job searching takes more than just sending in your resume to the right company. In the age of digital, you also have to make an effort to clean up your social media accounts. Most companies today will look into a candidate’s online presence to learn more about the applicant and look for any warning signs.

Here are some tips to help improve your Facebook profile:

Use the “Intro” section to your advantage. Use this section wisely.It’s a chance to sell your personal brand. Be thoughtful as you revise this section.Consider what potential employers would want to know about you and what you have to offer.

Use the “About” section well. This will serve like a summary on LinkedIn or your resume. Highlight your skills, experiences and the unique characteristics that can help you stand out among the rest (from a professional standpoint, of course).

Update your work history and education. Facebook has recently made changes to users’ employment and education history profile sections, which now allow you to list jobsright under your intro. (Don’t allow this informationto be set to Public if your privacy is important to you.)

Check your privacy settings. You can always adjust your audience if you don’t want people searching for you using your email or phone number. You can also keep your profile from showing up on search engines. After making any adjustments,remember to preview your Facebook profile so you know how others see it.

Be professional at all times. Keep in mind that a potential employer could be checking your profile at any time. Therefore, avoid posting any profanity, inappropriate photos, or personal diatribes on any topic (particularly comments about your previous employers). Filter what you share, post or comment. Approach your social media with the mindset that anyone (including hackers) could access your info at any time.

Join Facebook Groups for jobs. Though Facebook isn’t a job board, you can use the Groups feature to find job postings in your field and location. Use the search function within Facebook to find what you’re looking for.

Find company insiders. You can also search for people working inside a company by using Facebook. Start by typing “people who work at XXXX company.” Look at the search results and see if you have mutual friends connected to employees there. From that point, an email introduction is the best way to get acquainted with any new people, rather than messaging them on Facebook.


Written by  Alan Carniol

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