9 phrases that make candidates seem lazy VIA www.recruitmentgrapevine.com/

A great and short read! Here is the Link to the article too.

Job interviews can be a tense time for candidates, the nerve-wracking situation often makes them talk faster and sell themselves harder.

Lorraine Kitchin, star of the first episode of The Job Interview, was privy to one such experience in a previous episode of the show – when a candidate wouldn’t stop chattering.

Speaking to Recruitment Grapevine, she revealed her own tactics for hiring a new employee: “Think about the whole person you are looking for; loyal, stable, committed and a little bit of something that others do not show you on their CV.

“Then, of course, relevant work experience that you think you can work with. If not, ask yourself if they need training. If so, can you train them further?”

However, not all applicants react the same way during the hiring process. A recent article by Business Insider listed nine sayings that candidates utter making them appear lazy to their future employer.

How many have you heard before? Tell us in the comments…

  1. ‘Can I make personal calls during the day?’
  2. ‘Will I have to work long hours?’
  3. ‘Will I have my own office?’
  4. ‘Do you monitor emails or internet usage?’
  5. ‘How soon can I take annual leave?’
  6. ‘What’s your job?’
  7. ‘Can I leave early or arrive late as long as I get my work done?’
  8. ‘That sounds like a lot of work’
  9. ‘What does your company do?’

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