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What to consider before accepting a job offer

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: you finally received the job offer! The grueling job hunt is officially behind you, but there are things you must ask yourself before you accept any offer. This is a big decision and you don’t want to find yourself regretting it a few months down the road.

Company Vision

First and foremost, you must decide if the company’s vision and/or mission statement aligns with your values, personality, and career goals. Being a good fit right now is not all that matters. Will this job still work for you 10 years from now? If you are not passionate about the company or the position, you may need to reconsider the offer.

Potential Coworkers

You should also think about your potential coworkers. You’ll spend almost every day with these people, and it’s important that you get along. Robin Blount, Managing Director of CFS Atlanta, advises that you should seek out a supportive network of colleagues. You don’t just want to get along with your coworkers, you want them to challenge and support you when you take risks at work. Does this new job provide such an atmosphere? Have you had positive interactions with employees throughout the interview process?

Growth Possibilities

Now it’s time to delve further into the offer details, but remember not to get lost in all the “fluff”. Health coverage, gym memberships, and paid time off are all great benefits but they are not everything! Michelle Dudon, Staffing Manager of CFS Dayton, recommends looking past all of that and considering things such as the ability for growth.Dudon suggests researching your potential supervisors, examining which roles they’ve held, and deciphering whether or not any patterns of growth exist within the company. Is it possible to get a promotion within a certain amount of time? Is the timeline important to you? How do reviews work and how many will you have a year?

Work/Life Balance

In addition to growth, it’s important to consider work/life balance. Consider the hours you’ll be working and your daily commute. Will you be working overtime a lot? How manageable is the commute? It’s the little things that can become huge stressors, or that can turn an okay offer into an amazing one. Achieving a work/life balance is crucial, and if this position doesn’t give that to you then it may not be the right one for you.

Don’t Rush

Most importantly, don’t rush into anything! Kaitland Koester, Staffing Manager of CFS Cincinnati, emphasizes that you shouldn’t rush into accepting the first offer you receive; take the time to evaluate your options. “You spend more time at work than you do at home, so you want to make sure the environment and the people are the most compatible as possible,” she adds. Consider whether or not another opportunity could be a better fit.

After you’ve evaluated all of the personal and professional aspects of the offer, you should feel 100% confident and excited about your decision. If you decide to accept, then congratulations! If this is not the perfect opportunity for you, then remember to stay positive minded because your perfect offer will come along.

Have more questions about your job search? Comment below! You can also reach out to one of our expert recruiters. See a full list of CFS locations here.

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