Lessons of a job search

Lessons of a job search

Written by: Tatiyana Cure, Executive Recruiter, CFS New York

A very important lesson in your job search is to remain positive. It’s easy to get discouraged when things do not go as planned- perhaps you don’t get the job offer, or if you do get it, it’s not what you would have hoped it to be. Remember, misery loves company but a positive attitude attracts positive results.

Here are some additional lessons of a job search:

  1. Be open to all opportunities, even when you least expect them.
  2. Make a plan and laser focus on your goals.
  3. Nobody is a professional interviewee; the only way to get better is to practice.
  4. Seek out feedback on how you can improve as a job seeker- on your resume, interview skills, etc.
  5. Be more prepared for your next interview. Use the questions that stumped you in your prior interviews in preparation for the upcoming ones.
  6. Learn as much as you can and ask more questions during your interview.
  7. Do not get caught up on titles or salaries, but rather consider the big picture of your career growth.
  8. Expand your job search beyond sending your resume to the black holes of ads posted on job boards.
  9. Consider what problems of an organization you can solve and offer the solutions rather than only looking for a job.
  10. Be confident in your skills and do not get discouraged based on the ad – go for it!
  11. You will end up spending more time at work than you do at home. Don’t pick a job where you can’t stand your boss or the people you would work with.
  12. Don’t be someone you are not throughout the interview, as it will become exhausting to not be yourself once you get the job.
  13. Do not settle or over-compromise. Focus on making a smart long-term career move rather than simply obtaining another job.
  14. Never stop networking and do not underestimate anyone you meet or who they may know.
  15. You can always expand your expertise. Consider furthering your education, obtaining additional certifications, or seeking out mentorship.
  16. Stay humble and grateful for any assistance. Appreciate the time someone may take out of his or her schedule to interview you or to hear you out.
  17. Do not give up on finding the perfect next move!

Have more questions about your job search? Comment below! You can also reach out to one of our expert recruiters. See a full list of CFS locations here.

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