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Time saving tricks for your job search

People tend to exhibit impatient tendencies; we like things to happen quickly. Unfortunately, the job search process is very rarely associated with being a quick or an easy one. Don’t fret though; here are 5 time saving tricks that can help speed up the process.

Get Organized

Organization is essential if you hope to be efficient throughout this process. Tammy Power, Staffing Manger of CFSBakersfield, advises keeping all of your resumes, cover letters, and all other application materials in one place. Create a folder on your desktop dedicated to your job search efforts. Label your resumes by company, date, and anything else that will help you identify them at a later point. In addition, creating an excel file to keep track of all active applications ensures that you don’t miss any deadlines and reminds you when to follow up. It also serves as a great place to store all of the contact information from any hiring managers you have spoken with.

Utilize Job Alerts

It’s time to start using job search boards more efficiently. Shannon Wagner, Director of Staffing at CFS Oakbrook, suggests utilizing websites such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc. to enhance your search by signing up for job alerts, saving you the hassle of scrolling through all the job postings on each site. She also recommends creating a separate email that you can use solely for job search purposes. This guarantees that your current inbox won’t be flooded by the daily email alerts. After all, staying organized is key.

Narrow Your Search

In order to best utilize your time, “focus your efforts on applying to jobs that are right for you based on skills, rather than ones that you are interested in but not qualified for,” says Power. Doing so will not only cut down on the time you spend sending out resumes, but it will maximize the number of responses you receive. When it comes to job hunting, the saying “quality over quantity” remains true.

Position Yourself on Social Media

In today’s society, social media is inescapable. In fact, many recruiters and hiring managers will screen your social media accounts before they even meet you. LinkedIn has become an essential part of building this social media presence; if you do not have a professional or highly visible profile, then your application may be rejected. Having a strong online presence will not only help push your current applications to the top of the pile, but it will help potential recruiters find you in the future. If you promote your skills throughout your profile and focus on using key terms from your industry, you will have a greater chance of being discovered.

Network, Network, Network

As you apply for various positions, don’t forget that sometimes the best way to learn about new career opportunities is through your network. Go to networking functions or grab lunch with a former colleague. As you put yourself out there, you will meet new people and continuously expand your network. After all, a strong network is always a great thing to have, but it is especially helpful when searching for a new job opportunity.

What time saving tricks do you use? We want to hear it so please comment below!

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