How to stay motivated in your job search

How to stay motivated in your job search

Feel like you’ve hit a wall? Have you applied for multiple positions and still no luck? Don’t give up! The job search can be a long and grueling process, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind so that you don’t get discouraged.

Set Attainable Goals

Even though the application process is daunting, you should set aside time each day to focus on your job search.Lisa Bowles, Staffing Manager for CFS Indianapolis, says you should set goals to apply to “x” number of jobs and add “x” number of people to your network each week. This ensures that you push through instead of slacking off, even when you may not feel very motivated.

It Takes Time

Whether you’ve been applying for a few days or a few weeks, you need to remember that these things take time. According to Jeremy Lavin, Executive Recruiter for CFS Tampa, if you’re unemployed you must treat your job search like it’s your job. It requires immense time, effort, and commitment. Even if you are employed, Lavin suggests treating your search like it’s your second job.

Unfortunately, your dedication is not the only factor that impacts this process. The immediacy of the hiring manager’s needs affects it as well. You may not receive a response to your application until several weeks after you’ve applied. MeredithWoods, Staffing Manager for CFS Bethesda, explains that hiring managers may not have enough time to review the plethora of applications they receive. This is especially true when they don’t focus on recruiting full time.

Networking is Key

This is a great way to find a new position. Start by asking your close contacts to see if they know of any openings that you may be qualified for. Then, seek out other avenues. There are numerous resources you can utilize including LinkedIn, networking groups, and recruiters. “Networking and working with recruiters is like planting seeds in a garden. You may not see instant results, but after a little bit of time your hard work pays off,” Lanie Headrick, Staffing Manager for CFS Denver, points out.

Recruiters Know How to Help

As mentioned earlier, recruiters will help you expand your network. They can open your eyes to possibilities and positions you may have never found otherwise. They’ll give you constructive feedback, keep your best interests in mind, and be upfront and honest with you. That’s the type of person you want helping in your job search.

Recruiters go through your resume with you, help you prep for interviews, and give you tips that instill confidence in yourself. Some will even read over your thank you notes if needed. Jeanine Foster, Executive Recruiter for CFS Columbus, adds that it’s important to stay educated about the market and keep realistic expectations, which a recruiter can help you with.

Explore Your Options

Do not think of your unemployment as a failure but instead as an opportunity. This time off allows you to explore different types of positions, seek out different kinds of companies, and gives you time to explore your options. AsWoods says, you can utilize this time to work various temp jobs that will help you learn new skills and can help you get additional references as well. By exploring new opportunities, you get to decide the kind of position you truly want.

A Time Out May be Necessary

Being active in your job search, although essential, can be a bit overwhelming. Posting your resume on multiple websites, writing cover letters, and doing phone interviews—it can seem like there is no end in sight. Foster advises that every once in a while you stop everything for a few days and simply regroup. Take some time to clear your head, do something you enjoy, and put all those applications in the back of your mind. Besides, taking a break gives you some time to build up your self-esteem again. In a few days, you can start fresh.

As long as you dedicate a little time each week to your job search and stay positive, you will see results. If discouragement creeps in, remember that your friends and family are an amazing support system. Your perfect job is right around the corner!

How do you stay motivated? We’d love to hear your tips in your comments below!

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