September 2015 Newsletter for Accounting Professionals from Diane Delgado LeMaire @ CFS

September 2015

Industry News and Updates

This is probably the hardest newsletter I have written in an incredibly long time. I keep trying to wrap my head around what is going on in our local employment market. On one hand, we are obviously seeing the impact of the price of oil. I believe most companies are trying to hold onto their white collar talent, but that is becoming increasingly difficult. On the other hand, we still have a very low unemployment rate, which is sitting right around 4.7% today. To give you an idea of what that means, the US government considers the local market at full employment when we range between 5% and 5.5%. Moreover, the unemployment rate among degreed accounting professionals is less than 1% in Houston! Long story short, good talent is still hard to find!

Clients and candidates alike keep asking me what the market is like. Honestly, we have a mixed bag! There are certain industries that are doing very well and still adding, while other industries are hurting but still need to hire when they lose headcount. At this point in time, neither the candidate nor the employer are in the driver’s seat. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression – there is still plenty of demand out there! You will see proof of this in the list of our openings below. In addition, some employers will take advantage of this time and upgrade talent as other companies will be forced to lay off their superstars.

See you again in November!

Local Statistics:

  • National / Houston Unemployment rate: 4.7/5.6
  • Price of Oil: $43.83(last year $96.60)
  • Oil Rig Count: 883 (last year 1904)
  • Industries hiring: Consumer Goods, Chemicals, Business Service, Healthcare, Public Accounting, Construction
  • Positions in demand:  Senior Accountants, Internal Auditors!!!!!!, Financial Analysts, Accounting Managers with specific industry experience

Interesting Articles:

You Took the Wrong Job – Now What?  by Harold Webb:
Article by Will Thomson: How I Use Facebook to Recruit YOU!

Local Searches:

  • Full Time – Consulting- Transactions Advisory Services – Senior Manager
  • Full Time – Consultant – Financial Advisory Services – Senior Manager
  • Staff Accountant – Galleria
  • Director of Revenue (Healthcare – out of network expreince required) – SW Houston
  • Senior Financial Analsyst – GWP
  • Homebuilder  – Accounting Manager – West
  • Audit Manager – DT
  • Funds Administration Accounting Manager – Galleria
  • Senior Accountant (aquistions & intergrations) – Woodlands
  • Treasury Analyst – Woodlands
  • Revenue Accountant – Woodlands
  • Controller – School – SW Houston
  • REIT Fund Controller – Galleria
  • Staff Accountant – Healthcare
  • Insurance or Healthercare Accounting Manager – Med Center
  • Financial Analyst – West Houston – multi location!
  • Senior Accountant – E&P – Corporate Accounting – West Houston
  • Internal Tax Staff and Senior – North Houston
  • Consolidations Reporting Analyst – HYPERION
  • Senior Accountant – Galleria – solid GL
  • Accounting Manager – Katy
  • Manufacturing Controller – Woodlands
  • ONRR Manager – DT
  • Staff Auditors – heavy travel – West
  • International Controller – SEC – West
  • Division Controller – HEAVY SAP – SE
  • AP Specialist – Galleria 20/hour
  • Controller – Conroe
  • Financial Analyst – Conroe
  • Internal Audit Manager – internal controls / compliance – West
  • Public Accounting: Tax and Audit – All levels!

San Antonio Searches:

  • Financial Reporting Manager (relo package)

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