Director (or Manager) of Revenue Cycle – SW Houston –

Healthcare experience required. 


  • Understands commercial insurance payers and provides guidance on maximizing reimbursement
  • Establishes procedures to ensure maximum efficiency and collection of accounts receivable and ensures adherence to standard operating procedures
  • Ability to forge effective working relationships with other members of the leadership team, and with direct reports.
  • Reports reimbursement trends and global concerns to senior management to ensure corrective actions and mitigation of future occurrences.
  • Demonstrates experience in diagnosing, evaluating, and developing corrective action plans for problems within revenue cycle operations.
  • Ability to effectively influence change.
  • Knowledge of all functional areas of the revenue cycle, including charge capture, productivity review, health information management, information systems.
  • Ability to establish and utilize performance measures throughout the revenue cycle process.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally.


  • Leads/drives effort to collect commercial insurance claims through effective verbal and written communications with payers.
  • Utilizes performance measures to assess the functional areas that impact the revenue cycle.
  • Educates functional areas as to their impact on revenue cycle performance measures.
  • Leads process reviews to improve quality, efficiency, effectiveness of revenue cycle activities.
  • Reviews departmental performance to ensure efficient, proper, complete collection of earned revenues.
  • Provides departmental direction and supervision, including a vision for future direction of the department.
  • Must maintain a high degree of confidentiality at all times due to access to sensitive information.
  • Maximizes use of technology to improve data quality, timely collections, consistency of service and competitive advantage.
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures to improve the functionality of billing and collections functions.
  • Leads the process to systematically evaluate, monitor, and report on regulatory compliance related to the revenue cycle.
  • Establishes and utilizes an account denial process to monitor, and minimize payer denials.
  • Coordinates with all audits/auditors the activities related to the department.
  • Completes timely staff appraisals.

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