Accounting & Finance Professionals: Are you ready to revamp your resume and not sure where to start?

Accounting & Finance Professionals: Are you ready to revamp your resume and not sure where to start?

The entire process of writing a resume can be overwhelming. What do you include? How long should it be? Do you need an objective? What format should you use? Recently, I put together a list of pointers and some links that will hopefully help you with this process. 

Some pointers from me (remember, these are my opinions):

  • Recruiters LOVE chronological resumes. We want to see how you have grown in your career and what types of companies you have worked for.
  • If you graduated within the past 5 years, keep your education on the top portion of your resume. Everyone is always looking for people with 3 to 5 years of experience!
  • If you have a CPA, CIA, or CFE designation, put it behind your name on the top of the resume! I never understand why anyone would put this at the bottom. You earned it and you should show it off!
  • If you are eligible to sit for an exam or have passed sections, add that to the education section of your resume. This is important to employers today.
  • Always, always use bullet points. I am not going to read a paragraph!!!!
  • Objectives are not necessary and honestly, I think they can hurt you at times. If you feel like you need it, please change the objective for every job ad you apply to.
  • Summary sections or tables are great to highlight your background, but don’t make it too long!
  • Did you get promoted or move into another group at the same company? Include that in your resume, but don’t re-write the company name each time! At first glance, you can look like a job hopper rather than a promotable candidate!
  • Do you volunteer? Were you in the military? Active Greek Alumni? It is okay to add some personality to your resume.
  • Don’t forget to add your software skills. If you know the versions and modules you are working with….add them! Are you an advanced Excel user (VLOOKUP, Marcos, Pivot Tables)? Mention that too!
  • And yes, your resume can be longer than a page. But keep it to 3 pages, absolute MAX!
  • Don’t put a bullet point on your resume that you cannot speak about. Being exposed or watching someone else do something does not mean you have mastered that skill!
  • Is your GPA above a 3.0? Add that too! And don’t forget your graduation date.
  • Remember, your resume is your marketing piece. Most recruiters spend about 10 seconds looking at your resume before they decide if they will keep it or toss it. That is not a long time to make a first impression.
  • You should update your resume at least once a year. It’s a great end of the year activity! Write down your latest accomplishments, add new responsibilities you took on, or recent software programs or ERPs you worked with. Bottom line: Just spend a few minutes and add a bullet point or two.

Website Links to use:


Happy updating!

Diane Delgado LeMaire @CPARecruiterHOU

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