Hot off the press: List of Accounting and Finance Openings Houston-

Local Searches

• AP Clerk: NW, O&G, 40-50k
• AP Associate: East, Bilingual (French), 40k
• AP Specialist: Galleria, Manuf, 40-50k
• AP Manager: Westchase, Oracle Implementation, 70-80k
• AR Associate: Downtown, 50-55k
• Accounting Associate: NW, Construction, 40k
• Payroll Analyst: Galleria, O&G Services, 75k
• Payroll Manager: Bellaire, 70-75k
• Staff Accountant: Medical Center, Healthcare, 50-55k
• Staff Accountant: NW, Insurance, 55-65k
• Staff Accountant: Galleria, O&G Services, 65k
• Senior Accountant: NW, O&G Services, 90k
• Senior Accountant: NW, Insurance, 60-75k
• Senior Accountant: West, Consumer Goods, 60k
• Inventory Accountant: West, Consumer Goods, 65k
• Inventory Manager: West, Consumer Goods, 80k
• Cost Accountant: West, O&G Services, 65-70k
• Senior Cost Accountant: SW, Consumer Goods, 65-75k
• Project Cost Analyst: North, Construction, 80-90k
• Senior Financial Analyst: West, O&G, 75-100k
• Senior SEC Analyst: North, Construction, 75-85k
• Senior Financial Reporting Analyst: Galleria, 65-70k
• Internal Auditor: GWP, Hospitality, 75-85k
• Senior Auditor: Galleria, 70-80k
• Sales & Use Tax Accountant: Galleria, 60-65k
• Senior Tax Accountant: Westchase, Consumer Goods, 70-90k
• Accounting Lead: NW, Construction, 50-70k
• Accounting Manager: East, Construction, 60-80k
• Accounting Manager: North, Construction, 60-90k
• Family Office Accounting Manager: DT, Investments, 80-100k
• Assistant Controller: North, Construction, 80-85k
• Controller: Central, Manuf, 80-90k
• International Controller: GWP, Manuf, Bilingual (Mandarin), 90-100k
• Controller: North, Manuf, 110-120k
• Controller & Principal Accounting Officer: West, Energy, 120-130k
• Controller: Westchase, Consumer Goods, 140-170k

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