February 2015 Newsletter for Accounting Professionals from Diane Delgado LeMaire @ CFS

Industry News and Updates

Happy New Year!

There have been a lot of changes at CFS and the local market this year. First things first: CFS has changed its legal structure and is now an ESOP, as such please update my new email address to dlemaire@cfstaffing.com.

Now, let’s get into the crazy drop in oil price and my personal opinion on what may happen this year. I still think Houston is going to experience steady growth. I just don’t think it will be at the rate it was in 2014. There are certain industries that will benefit from the price of oil. The flipside to that is that there are also industries that will not do so well and will experience some layoffs. At this point though, I think everyone is enjoying the cheap gas prices. The reduction in cost gives the consumer more money to spend on goods. If it were a perfect world, oil would settle around 60 dollars a barrel in my mind. That would make the Oil & Gas companies happy (not ecstatic) and the consumers would be satisfied as well.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the US production continuing to increase over the years to come. Will 50 dollars a barrel be the new norm? Either way, business always finds a way to make money. Some will be able to make a profit at the current price and some simply will not. I think the bottom line is that there will be an impact on Houston, but we are in a much better place economically to take the hit.

I love this quote from Patrick Jankowski Senior VP of Research at the GHP: “When oil prices are low, Houston’s economy grows and When oil prices are high, Houston’s economy booms!”

Until next time..

Local Statistics:

  • National / Houston Unemployment rate: 5.8/4.6
  • Price of Oil: $51(last year $97)
  • Oil Rig Count: 1882 (last year 1756)
  • Industries hiring: Manufacturing, Construction, Consumer Products related companies,Real Estate & Homebuilding
  • Positions in demand:  Tax, Staff And Senior Accountants, Accounting Assistants, Cost Accountants (job, project, POC)

Local Searches

  • AP Clerk: NW, O&G, 40-50k
  • AP Associate: East, Bilingual (French), 40k
  • AP Specialist: Galleria, Manuf, 40-50k
  • AP Manager: Westchase, Oracle Implementation, 70-80k
  • AR Associate: Downtown, 50-55k
  • Accounting Associate: NW, Construction, 40k
  • Payroll Analyst: Galleria, O&G Services, 75k
  • Payroll Manager: Bellaire, 70-75k
  • Staff Accountant: Medical Center, Healthcare, 50-55k
  • Staff Accountant: NW, Insurance, 55-65k
  • Staff Accountant: Galleria, O&G Services, 65k
  • Senior Accountant: NW, O&G Services, 90k
  • Senior Accountant: NW, Insurance, 60-75k
  • Senior Accountant: West, Consumer Goods, 60k
  • Inventory Accountant: West, Consumer Goods, 65k
  • Inventory Manager: West, Consumer Goods, 80k
  • Cost Accountant: West, O&G Services, 65-70k
  • Senior Cost Accountant: SW, Consumer Goods, 65-75k
  • Project Cost Analyst: North, Construction, 80-90k
  • Senior Financial Analyst: West, O&G, 75-100k
  • Senior SEC Analyst: North, Construction, 75-85k
  • Senior Financial Reporting Analyst: Galleria, 65-70k
  • Internal Auditor: GWP, Hospitality, 75-85k
  • Senior Auditor: Galleria, 70-80k
  • Sales & Use Tax Accountant: Galleria, 60-65k
  • Senior Tax Accountant: Westchase, Consumer Goods, 70-90k
  • Accounting Lead: NW, Construction, 50-70k
  • Accounting Manager: East, Construction, 60-80k
  • Accounting Manager: North, Construction, 60-90k
  • Family Office Accounting Manager: DT, Investments, 80-100k
  • Assistant Controller: North, Construction, 80-85k
  • Controller: Central, Manuf, 80-90k
  • International Controller: GWP, Manuf, Bilingual (Mandarin), 90-100k
  • Controller: North, Manuf, 110-120k
  • Controller & Principal Accounting Officer: West, Energy, 120-130k
  • Controller: Westchase, Consumer Goods, 140-170k

News and Resources

Diane Delgado LeMaire | Senior Managing Director, Executive Search & Branch Manager Creative Financial Staffing (CFS)

5718 Westheimer Suite 800, Houston, Texas 77057

T: 713.490.6003| C: 713.594.4486 | dlemaire@cfstaffing.com | www.cfstaffing.com |

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